Engines & Engine Parts

Nov. 15, 2006

Tempest's Original Aviation Oil Filter is manufactured in a dedicated aviation filter manufacturing facility. All filters are FAA/PMA approved as direct replacement spin-on filters. It is the only oil filter with a magnet and that meets TCM by-pass specification. It features high burst strength, improved ADB valve, and convenient six-pack packaging. For more information visit www.tempestplus.com.

Heritage Turbines is a full-service PT6 engine shop. Services include full hot section repair and recertification, complete fuel nozzle recertification and overhaul, as well as gas generator power section, and bleed valve services. Heritage Turbines uses OEM or PMA parts, has one day fuel nozzle turnaround, one year unlimited hour bleed valve warranty, loaner hot sections, and quality customer service. For more information visit www.heritageturbines.com or call (888) 621-7788.

ECi has nearly doubled the number of TITAN EXP products with even more parts expected to be added in 2007, giving a clear indication of ECi's response and commitment to the needs of the GA experimental marketplace. Just a few of the EXP parts it manufactures: tapered fin barrel - reducing individual cylinder weight by 1.21 pounds, cold induction system and retrofit kits, fuel injection system and retrofit kits, IOX-340S engine retrofit kits which include crankshaft assembly, pistons, and connecting rod assemblies, angled oil filter adapter, and electro-polished stainless- steel rocker covers. For more information visit www.eci2fly.com or call (800) 324-2359.

Kelly Aerospace stocks the popular styles of tach generators with overhaul of customer unit also available. For more information visit www.kellyaerospace. com.

Velcon's high quality filters and filtration systems detect and remove harmful fuel contaminants and water. The products are fully tested and qualified to the latest industry standards. Features include field-proven performance, easy maintenance, customer service available 24/7, and worldwide support. For more information visit www.velcon.com.

The 1U478-003 Piston Air pump with its unique patented bi-directional is a direct replacement for all 200 series rotary vane pumps. It has a five-year/2,000-hour warranty. The air pump features a lightweight clean sheet design, dual action piston pump, high airflow at lower power settings, and is resistant to air system contaminates. Operates with cleaner and cooler air. For more information visit www.sigmatek.com.

There is no longer a need to replace overload devices (shear pins) after a kick-back event. Kelly Aerospace's E-drive is unaffected by kick-backs saving hours of service time and replacement costs. The engine and starter are both protected by a proprietary torque limiting clutch drive design using absolutely no automotive aftermarket parts. It is suitable for installation on all Lycoming engines without modification. Features include solid-state solenoid control, 9.0-pound weight, and new high performance PM motor. For more information visit www.kellyaerospace.com.

Northstar Turbine is a manufacturer's representative for Turbo Products, RdF Corp., and Global Turbine. It is also the source of information about FAA PMA PT6 hot section parts.

  • Time-proven PMA parts
  • Top quality, substantial savings
  • Overhauls both PMA and OEM
  • FAA PMA parts now approved for use in Canada and Brazil
  • CT blades, CT vanes, CT vane rings, segments
  • T5/T6 thermocouples, large and small exit ducts

For more information visit www.pt6pma.com.

An ignition harness from Kelly Aerospace is FAA/PMA approved for: Franklin, Teledyne Continental Motors, and Textron Lycoming. Kelly Aerospace ignition harnesses incorporate a negative-pitch spring design (the tip of the coil spring extends inward) allowing the coil spring tip to lie flat against the spark plug electrode, providing 360 contact. Ignition energy is maximized and flashover is reduced to a minimum. It features plated steel nut and is abrasion and heat resistant. For more information visit www.kellyaerospace.com.

Precision Airmotive is an original equipment manufacturer of MSA float carburetors and RSA fuel injection systems for Lycoming, Continental, and Franklin engines, along with electronic ignition and fuel systems for experimental aircraft. The equipment is built to original specifications. Troubleshooting charts and supporting web site available. For more information visit www.precisionairmotive.com or call (360) 651-8282.

Duncan Aviation offers sales and acquisitions of turbine engines. It has a large inventory of TFE731 parts. All parts are certified within OEM's approved network. Features include exchange engine sales and rapid parts response. For more information visit www.duncanaviation.com or call (402) 479-4261.

Timken Aftermarket Solutions provides a comprehensive customer-driven offering of high value power transmission products and services for gas turbine engine, gearbox, and helicopter transmission applications for operators and overhaulers around the globe. Timken offers in-house bearing manufacturing and overhaul, casting capability, gear manufacturing, precision machining, design engineering, and FAA designated inspection. For more information visit www.bii.net.

IGS specializes in PT6A, PW100, JT15D, TPE331 and CJ610/CF700 turbine engine control repair, overhaul and exchange. Woodward Governor factory trained facility. Honeywell AWARS repair station. Extensive exchange inventory. Overnight shipping to any location. Associates are available 24/7 in response to AOG and quick ship requirements. For more information visit www.internationalgovernor.com.

Look to Kelly Aerospace for quality fuel system overhauls.

  • FAA approved replacement parts
  • Highly skilled/trained technicians
  • More than 75 years combined experience
  • Mass airflow testing on 100 percent of carburetors
  • 100 percent calibration of fuel pumps and servos
  • Largest exchange pool in the industry
  • Distributed worldwide through leading aviation wholesale distributors

For more information visit www.kellyaerospace.com.

ECi's mechanical-type TITAN EXP fuel injection system (FIS) contains more than 100 individual components, including the proprietary fuel pump/vapor separator, manifold valve, throttle body, and injector nozzles. In addition, a unique cold induction system complements the fuel injection system with a lightweight magnesium sump and front-mounted plenum, offering reduced weight, increased power, and affordability. Benefits include excellent fuel metering, distribution, atomization, and vaporization; carb heat provision not required; uses cooler air, which results in increased power; more horsepower for the same amount of fuel; and works in any aircraft attitude. No requirement to pass induction air through oil sump to improve fuel distribution and vaporization. For more information visit www.eci2fly.com or call (800) 324-2359.

Pratt & Whitney Canada provides repair and overhaul of all P&WC engine models including repair and overhaul of accessories and components. It offers engine rentals and exchanges, sale of used serviceable parts, payby- the-hour programs, predict maintenance costs, mobile repair teams, reduction of unscheduled maintenance, and capability to provide tailored specifications. For more information vist www.pwc.ca or call (450) 647-2732.

Jetool is a manufacturer of disassembly/ assembly overhaul tooling, transportation carts, and lifting and handling fixtures for both large and small turbine engines. It is an authorized Honeywell licensed GSE vendor of tooling and test equipment for TFE731 through 60, TPE331 through 14, APUs, and CFE738 engines. It has an extensive inventory and current revision level drawings on hand for Honeywell tooling. The company specializes in single piece tooling, all types of fixtures, large and small metal fabs on most types of metals, and conventional and CNC milling and turning. For more information visit www.jetool.com or call (989) 845-3880.

Kelly Aerospace offers new and factory overhauled aircraft alternators. Its lightweight, compact, alternators are designed specifically to meet the challenges and increased demands of today's aircraft electrical systems. Features include high temperature varnish on rotor and stator, all aircraft quality parts, high altitude brushes, and high-speed bearings. For more information visit www.kellyaerospace.com.

Dallas Airmotive repairs and overhauls turbine engines for business aviation including Pratt & Whitney Canada, Rolls-Royce, Honeywell, and GE. Component repair, overhaul, and exchange are also available. There are 90 field service personnel. Dallas Airmotive is OEM authorized and offers rental engines and parts sales. For more information visit www.dallasairmotive.com.

MORE Company Inc. has eight FAA approved Supplemental Type Certificates (STCs) for the PT6A engine that permits an 8,000-hour Time Between Overhaul (TBO). The Supplemental Type Certificate is fully transferable. There is no fixed hourly hot section interval. MORE offers savings compared to overhaul costs and services can be used by private and commercial aircraft. For more information visit www.morecompany.net or call (775) 782-3346.

TITAN cylinder assemblies by Engine Components Inc. (ECi) include FAA-PMA replacement cylinders for Lycoming and TCM engines. They incorporate unprecedented design, metallurgical and manufacturing improvements over traditional cylinder design and come standard with “Diamond” features that are exclusive to ECi TITAN products. Features include Nickel+Carbide bore, warranty guaranteed up to five years, Moly-filled top compression ring, Tru-Bore valve guides, and cast-in CHT Thermo-couple Probe Boss (O-200 style only, STD on others). For more information visit www.eci2fly.com or call (800) 324-2359.

ECi introduces the 90-degree angled oil filter adapter, designed as an alternative to the straight oil filter adapter. By shifting the filter to a vertical position, easier access and maintenance is a result of additional clearance between the engine and firewall. Additionally, the filter is machined to accept a spin-on, internal bypass type filter - permitting oil to flow even if the filter becomes plugged. Filter removal can now be drip free and easy to clean up. The kit (AEL105- 1) includes: 1/8 NPT threaded boss that can be fitted with a quick-drain, kits can be customized with spacers ranging from .75 to 2.50 inches, and no additional wiring and plumbing is necessary as the adapter is machined to accept the thermostatic bypass valve (vernathern) and oil temperature probe. Kit includes fasteners, fittings, and gaskets, for complete and simple installation. For more information visit www.eci2fly.com or call (800) 324-2359.

Kelly Aerospace engine-driven positive displacement pump is for Lycoming engines. It is FAA approved (STC and PMA) and not subject to AD #98-18-12 (Lycoming SB No. 529). It offers improved wear characteristics, reduced part count, and lower cost. For more information visit www.kellyaerospace.com.

CF6-80A/A2 and CF6-80C2 PMC harness sets are high quality, lightweight, repairable interconnects. They are manufactured with advanced materials and are FAA/PMA approved. Core exchange discounts available. For more information visit www.coopind.aero or call (817) 740-4700.