AMT Next Gen Award: Brett Levanto

Nov. 24, 2015
Vice President Communications for ARSA, Communications Manager for ATEC, Vice President of Operations, Obadal, Filler, MacLeod and Klein

Age: 32

Years in Aviation: 3

Brett Levanto is vice president of operations for Obadal, Filler, MacLeod and Klein, PLC. In addition to the firm’s regulatory compliance assistance for aviation businesses, it provides management services for the Aeronautical Repair Station Association (ARSA) and the Aviation Technician Education Council (ATEC). Levanto is vice president of communications for ARSA and communications manager for ATEC.

Levanto’s father was an aerospace engineer with Sikorsky and then Pratt & Whitney. “My childhood was spent wearing out VHS recordings of air shows, dressing as an airline pilot for Halloween, building wind tunnels for science fair projects, and dreaming of taking flight.

“Somewhere along the line I got off the path. I never really gave up on finding myself in that service. Obadal, Filler, MacLeod and Klein – and its support of the men and women who keep the world safely in flight by maintaining its aircraft – gave me the chance.”

Levanto says he is surrounded by mentors. “I go to work every day with a team of experienced and talented professionals. They’ve taught me a considerable amount in a very short time and I depend heavily on their support for my work and growth.”

He has a bachelor’s degree in history from George Washington University. Levanto’s aviation career began as a mission coordinator for Angel Flight. He worked with general aviation pilots who volunteered their time and equipment to ferry critically ill patients to medical treatment.

To further his career, he went back to school and chose a graduate program in public policy – a mix of economics, statistics, law, and government – at the College of William and Mary. He was able to put his learning to work in aerospace and defense as an intern in corporate business development at Lockheed Martin in Bethesda, MD. From there he worked as a data analyst on a personnel contract with the Department of Defense. He then transitioned into a government position with U.S. Marine Corps as a civilian Marine. He provided analytical, planning, and consultant support to the commanding generals and civilian directors.

Supporting trade associations is rewarding as the work feels entirely like “giving back,” Levanto says. “ARSA and ATEC have both provided a great platform to take the extra step and go beyond the basic work required to support those organizations. If I can provide any help at all to solving the challenge of recruiting and retaining the next generation of aviation professionals, I’ll have given back quite a lot.”