September 2023

Josh Smith - editor, Ground Support Worldwide

Connect with Us at GSE Expo

Sept. 25, 2023
More than 2,500 industry professionals from around the world will be working together to advance our industry during the three-day event at the Las Vegas Convention Center.
Aurrigo has been working with Changi Airport to trial and develop its autonomous Auto-Dolly and Auto-DollyTug since 2022.
GSE Technology

Aurrigo and Changi’s Autonomous Collaboration

Sept. 19, 2023
Through a multi-year partnership, Aurrigo and the Changi Airport Group aim to develop self-driving, automated solutions for baggage handling operations.
Wollard International
A collision avoidance system is available as an option. The 3D infrared sensor-based system offers no-touch protection and IATA 913 Collision Avoidance Compliance.
Belt Loaders & Conveyors

Mobile Belt Loaders Meet Changing Needs of Ramp Operations

Sept. 19, 2023
Wollard International has updated its TC-888 to allow for larger batteries and common lithium designs.
National Safety Solutions
Electronic inspections are more reliable than traditional pencil-and-paper checklists as fleet managers can review dashboards to see what inspections have been done.
GSE Mx, Reman, Refurb, Overhaul

How Electronic Inspections Promote Accountability and Improve Uptime

Sept. 19, 2023
With an electronic inspection program, a GSE fleet manager can see who performed a check, where and when it was done as well as how long it took to perform.
Daniel Kummer | Lufthansa Cargo
ICS2 is an EU-wide, integrated system for the pre-loading reporting of all import and transit air cargo and airmail shipments.
Ground Handling

What Cargo Handlers Need to Know about ICS2

Sept. 19, 2023
The customs pre-arrival security and safety program assesses whether cargo complies with the safety and security requirements of the European Union.

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John Moore, CEO, PAGE GSE
GPUs, PCAs, Power Carts & Accessories

Ground Support Spotlight: John Moore

Sept. 19, 2023
Name: John MooreJob Title: Chief Executive OfficerCompany: PAGE GSELocation: Fountain Inn, S.C. Years of experience in ground support industry: 37 yearsYears with current company...
By integrating key considerations into the tire decision-making process, operators and companies can make a well-informed choice that enhances current operations and aligns seamlessly with the ever-changing industry landscape and future aspirations of heightened efficiency, sustainability and innovation.
GSE Parts & Accessories

How to Make the Smart Choice with GSE Tires

Sept. 19, 2023
Tires play a pivotal role in ensuring the seamless functioning of vehicles, aircraft and a multitude of GSE. Integrating key considerations into the tire decision-making process...
There is a forecast for growth in domestic and international air transport in Brazil, providing an impetus for growth for the country's ground services providers.
Ground Handlers & Service Providers

Brazil’s Ground Handling Sector Steadily Growing

Sept. 19, 2023
As the aviation industry continues to rebound from the pandemic, the condition of the country’s ground handling segment is also improving and expanding.
Wilcox GSE
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Baggage & Cargo

Closed Baggage Carts

Aug. 14, 2023
Wilcox GSE’s Closed Baggage Carts are built tough, with durability as the top priority. Even if the carts get a few dings and dents, they will keep on hauling without missing ...
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Pushbacks, Tractors & Utility Vehicles

Sherpa Cargo Tractors

Cargo tow tractors must be future-proof, constantly available and economical because the logistical requirements and financial pressure at airports are constantly increasing. ...
Cynergixt International, LLC
Load Master
Baggage & Cargo


LoadMaster by Cynergixt is a lightweight (less than 35 pounds), modular, scalable, battery-powered conveyor solution designed for aviation. The unit is designed to help operations...
Intelidrive Ig Lagging
Baggage Handling Equipment & Accessories

IntelliDrive Drum Motor

July 20, 2022
The IntelliDrive Drum Motor is a conveyor drive designed for longevity and reliability. All drive components, including the electric motor and gear reducer, are enclosed inside...
150625601 D Pulsar7e Fraport Frankfurt Germany Cargo Application
Pallet Loaders & Cargo Loaders

Pulsar 7E

This container pallet transporter with an electric drive can transport heavy cargo, standard LD and MD containers and pallets up to 196" (5640 mm) completely without CO2 emissions...
Fast Global Solutions M Series Dolly
Cargo Handling Equipment & Accessories

M-Series Cargo Dolly

Nov. 18, 2021
The FAST M-Series caster deck cargo dolly is specifically designed for changing ramp operations, to easily transport variable size pallets and containers. Multiple position pallet...
C30i Electric Isolated 61127d4e4fb12
Pallet Loaders & Cargo Loaders

Commander 30i E Cargo Loader

Nov. 17, 2021
JBT Commander 30i E Electric Cargo Loaders offer configurability, an intelligent power system and accessible components. The Commander 30i uses the latest construction methods...
Dc162306 Dsc01692 Cc Elite
Belt Loaders & Conveyors

TUG 660 Li

Oct. 22, 2021
The TUG 660 Li helps make light work of ramp operations. With standard features designed to enhance performance like its AC drive and regenerative braking, this vehicle offers...
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Baggage Handling Equipment & Accessories


Feb. 15, 2021
The Mallaghan Bendibelt is an aircraft baggage loading system which enables baggage to be loaded/unloaded in a safe, efficient and expedient manner with the operator in control...
Pallet Dolly 1
Cargo Handling Equipment & Accessories

PD-8010 Cargo Dolly

Oct. 22, 2020
Par-Kan’s PD-8010 Cargo Dolly can handle two LD-1 containers, one LD-39 and many other sizes of ULDs and pallets in between. The dolly's drop-in casters, with a rating of 440 ...
Belt Loaders & Conveyors


This belt-loader offers a Mitsubishi 2.4-liter fuel injected engine and operates at a single-speed.
TIM 25 5b8feed1edd9f
Pushbacks, Tractors & Utility Vehicles

Tow Tractors (TIM 17/25 /45/55/80/120)

Oct. 13, 2020
Timsan offers several tow tractors with drawbar pull from 17 to 120 kN. The company has several military customers including Turkish Army and military forces of Ally countries...
Estex Manufacturing
Airport2011 0083 (1)
Baggage Handling Equipment & Accessories

Rip-Stop Bag Cart Curtains

Estex Manufacturing's FR700 Rip-stop Bag Cart Curtains dramatically increase the life of the curtain while decreasing the repair/replacement expense and labor cost. The unique...
Clyde Machines
15 F3570 Pallet Trailer
Pallet Loaders & Cargo Loaders

Pallet Trailer

Aug. 18, 2020
Clyde Machines's pallet trailer offers a cargo capacity of 15,000 lbs. and trailer capacity includes LD1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 11, and 29. Trailers feature protected lead ...
Power Stow Rollertrack Conveyor
Belt Loaders & Conveyors

Rollertrack Conveyor

This belt loader extension provides enhanced working conditions for baggage handlers, improves productivity and reduces turnaround times. The Rollertrack Conveyor is a versatile...
Tisabas In Belly (1)
Belt Loaders & Conveyors


Oct. 16, 2019
TISABAS is a compact motorized folding conveyor system that goes into the belly of narrow-bodied aircraft and mechanically moves baggage, eliminating the need to throw heavy luggage...
Safety Handrail Installed On Both Sides 01
GSE Parts & Accessories

Ramptech Belt Loader Safety Handrail System

July 9, 2019
The Ramptech Belt Loader Safety Handrail System from Sage Parts meets or exceeds OSHA requirements. The fixed rail system is designed to optimize operator safety by assuring that...
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Baggage Handling Equipment & Accessories

P6000 Baggage Chute

Jan. 2, 2019
The PAGE GSE P6000 Baggage Chute utilizes modern manufacturing techniques making this the best chute available and easiest to install. The P6000SP Service Platform can be mounted...
GSE Power Pusher w Freight Attachment 5bd727ef7b912
Cargo Handling Equipment & Accessories

Extra-Duty PowerPusher with Freight Arm Attachment

The Extra-Duty PowerPusher with Freight Arm Attachment improves operator safety, reduces manpower and increases ground support productivity with less downtime by transporting...
AvroConveyorBeltLoader BL30 5bdb40efca482
Belt Loaders & Conveyors

Electric Belt Loader

Aug. 20, 2018
Avro "next generation" electric belt loaders offer leading edge performance, design and functionality. Designed to exceed expectations and deliver extraordinary ROI, each loader...