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Advanced Composites Training announces establishment of first international training base.
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Editor's Viewpoint: Composites in Aerospace

May 24, 2012
From fiberglass panels to the carbon graphite fuselage
The Boeing 787 production line in Everett Washington. The use of advanced composite materials when manufacturing new-generation aircraft has dramatically increased to include major structural portions of the aircraft. Photo provided by Ron Donner.

Composites In Aerospace: A Maintenance Primer

May 24, 2012
If you see composites in your future, learn about them, embrace them.
Photo by Ron Donner
FedEx technicians in the new LAX composite shop repairing the carbon graphite inner skin stiffeners on a MD-11 tailcone.
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Aircraft Airframe & Accessories

Airframe Technology: Composite Repair Training

April 14, 2010
How do small repair shops manage training for accomplishing advanced composite repairs?