Abaris Composite Repair Training: Reno, NV and Long Island, NY

June 20, 2018

For over 35 years Abaris has lead the world in advanced composite repair training for the aerospace industry. Our courses offer both theory and active practical workshop experience, designed to best hone your repair skills. Our most popular courses and 2018 class dates our listed for our Reno, NV headquarters and at our new location inside the Composite Prototype Center in Plainview NY. 

Advanced Composite Structures: Fabrication & Damage Repair-Phase 1 (M-1/R-1)

Our most popular class, “Phase 1” is designed to meet the needs of a wide range of personnel; from the novice to the seasoned professional. This course is a prerequisite to subsequent repair courses and is highly recommended to anyone seeking a better understanding of advanced composite materials, processes, layup and vacuum bagging techniques, repair considerations, adhesive bonding, tooling, and inspection methods and techniques.

Reno, NV: July 9-13, Sept 10-14, Oct 8-12

Plainview, NY: August 20-24, Oct 22-26

Advanced Composite Structures: Damage Repair-Phase 2 (R-2)

This course is designed for repair technicians, mechanics, leads or supervisors who want to further their education in repairs of advanced composite structures. This class presents more challenging damage assessment and repair challenges than those presented in our Phase 2 course with emphasis on hot bond repair equipment, methods, and techniques.

Reno, NV: July 16-20, Aug 13-17, Oct 15-19

Plainview, NY: Oct 29-Nov 2

Advanced Composite Structures: Damage Repair-Phase 3 (R-3)

The course is mostly hands-on, in the workshop, addressing larger and more complex repair scenarios that require multi-step repair processes. Instruction will include discussions on various methods for recreating damaged-part surfaces, as well as actual fabrication of composite repair tools used to restore a complex-contoured shape, thus restoring the critical aerodynamic surface of the part. Other alternative approaches to tooling will be discussed and/or employed during the class to broaden the technician’s overall possibilities.

Reno, NV: July 23-27, Nov 12-16

Plainview, NY: Nov 5-9

Please visit the Abaris Training website at www.abaris.com for more classes, schedules, and enrollment information, or contact us with questions via email at [email protected].