Abaris Training Gears Up for 2019 With New Composite Repair Course Offerings

Jan. 14, 2019
Abaris’ new revised Helicopter Rotor Blade Repair course is back by popular demand.

Abaris’ new revised Helicopter Rotor Blade Repair (R-10) course is back by popular demand. Please click on the embedded links below to access full descriptions of the new course along with our other popular composite repair training courses for mechanics, technicians, supervisors, and inspectors.

Since 1983 Abaris has led the world in advanced composite repair training for the aerospace industry. Abaris’ courses offer students a balance of theory and hands-on repair practice, designed to enhance subject knowledge and boost tactile skills. Students that have these core competencies are in high demand within the aerospace industry.

Helicopter Rotor Blade Repair (R-10)

This course is designed for helicopter mechanics, maintenance personnel, and inspectors looking to achieve sound repairs to composite rotor blades. This five-day course will provide the knowledge and teach the skills necessary to effect quality helicopter rotor blade repairs in-house with a high degree of confidence, and a shorter turn-around time.

Reno, NV: Feb 25-Mar 1, Jun 10-14, Nov 11-15

Advanced Composite Structures: Fabrication & Damage Repair-Phase 1 (M-1/R-1)

Our most popular class, “Phase 1” is designed to meet the needs of a wide range of personnel; from the novice to the seasoned professional. This course is a prerequisite to subsequent repair courses and is highly recommended to anyone seeking a better understanding of advanced composite materials, processes, layup and vacuum bagging techniques, repair considerations, adhesive bonding, tooling, and inspection methods and techniques.

Reno, NV: Feb 4-8, Mar 11-15, Apr 8-12, Apr 29-May 3, May 20-24

Plainview, NY: Mar 4-8, May 6-10, Jul 8-12

Advanced Composite Structures: Damage Repair-Phase 2 (R-2)

This course is designed for repair technicians, mechanics, leads or supervisors who want to further their education in repairs of advanced composite structures. This class presents more challenging damage assessment and repair challenges than those presented in our Phase 2 course with emphasis on hot bond repair equipment, methods, and techniques.

Reno, NV: Feb 11-15, Mar 18-22, Apr 15-19, May 6-10

Plainview, NY: Mar 11-15, May 13-17

Advanced Composite Structures: Damage Repair-Phase 3 (R-3)

The course is mostly hands-on, in the workshop, addressing larger and more complex repair scenarios that require multi-step repair processes. Instruction will include discussions on various methods for recreating damaged-part surfaces, as well as actual fabrication of composite repair tools used to restore a complex-contoured shape, thus restoring the critical aerodynamic surface of the part. Other alternative approaches to tooling will be discussed and/or employed during the class to broaden the technician’s overall possibilities.

Reno, NV: Jan 21-25, Mar 25-29, May 13-17

Plainview, NY: Mar 18-22, May 20-24

Repair of Aluminum Bonded Structures (R-4)

This course is designed for repair designers, technicians, mechanics, leads, supervisors, or inspectors who want to further their education in repairs of bonded aluminum structures. This hands-on course provides a solid foundation in the principles of adhesively bonded repairs for aluminum structures, including face sheet bonding and repairs to aluminum skins and honeycomb sandwich structures.

Reno, NV: Apr 1-5

Plainview, NY: July 22-26

General Aviation Composite Repair (R-13)

The General Aviation Composite Repair course is designed for those working on certified GA composite aircraft such as Cessna, Diamond, Cirrus, Epic, and others that use common repair materials and similar procedures. The student will learn proper principles and techniques that are applicable to this group of airframe manufacturers. (No prerequisite is required for this course.)

Reno, NV: May 20-24

Plainview, NY: Coming in 2020

Please visit the Abaris Training website at www.abaris.com for more classes, schedules, and enrollment information, or contact us with questions via email at [email protected].