June / July 2024

Ground Handling

The Difference Between Financing Options for Ground Support Equipment

June 18, 2024
One solution does not fit the diverse needs of all ground service providers.

Telemetry’s Ability to Enhance Communication between Ground Ops and Maintenance

June 18, 2024
Effective use of telematics can complement GSE maintenance programs and improve equipment uptime.
Diversified Fall Protection
Ground Handling

Fall Protection Solutions for Ground Support and Aircraft Maintenance Operations

June 18, 2024
Falls from heights are a leading cause of occupational injuries and even fatalities. Vigilance is critical for workers who spend their time working at heights.
Ground Handling

How Women Can Strengthen the Ground Handling Workforce

June 18, 2024
A people first approach and efforts to overcome gender imbalance can help ground service providers find success.

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Electric Tow Tractors Modernize Ground Support Operations

June 18, 2024
Waev’s Tiger Li-ion unlocks the benefits only found in electric vehicles.
NextGen GHS
Ground Handling

Ground Support Spotlight: Ozgur Yesiltepe

March 21, 2024
The president of NextGen GHS discusses the rapid integration of technology into ground support operations.
Ground Handling

How Ground Handlers Can Comply with Proposed EASA Regulations

March 5, 2024
As EASA prepares to publish ground handling regulations, service providers should take steps now to be compliant when the recommended three-year transition period concludes.
Rollertrack%20 Conveyor
Baggage & Cargo

Rollertrack Conveyor - Extendable Belt Loading System

Power Stow Rollertrack Conveyor is a versatile belt loader extension that is built into a mobile belt conveyor in order to facilitate the loading and offloading of passenger baggage...
Gsww Product Feature Wilcox Gse Bobtail
Pushbacks, Tractors & Utility Vehicles

Bobtail TRUX

Oct. 13, 2023
The Bobtail is a revolutionary system that enhances the efficiency and safety of airport towing operations. With the Bobtail, ground support equipment can be moved effortlessly...
As Baggage%20 Tiger%20 Tractor
Baggage Handling Equipment & Accessories

Baggage Tractor TIG-50

This Tow Tractor is a proven product with 3,000 to 6,000 lb. (3.3 to 26.7 kN) drawbar pull. It is available with multiple engine packages to meet various environmental conditions...
Img 4329 2
Pushbacks, Tractors & Utility Vehicles

Sherpa Cargo Tractors

Cargo tow tractors must be future-proof, constantly available and economical because the logistical requirements and financial pressure at airports are constantly increasing. ...
M40e 4a
Pushbacks, Tractors & Utility Vehicles

M40e Tow Tractor/Utility Vehicle

An ideal tow tractor for baggage, light cargo and small to medium aircraft, the model 40e has a 4,500 lbs. (2,040 kg) drawbar pull rating and zero emission electric power. The...
Charlatte of America
Green / Alternative Energy GSE

CPB35E - Electric Pushback Tractor

The CPB35E is designed to be an affordable 80V AC electric-powered pushback tractor. The unit offers the advantages of electric power for pushout operations including quiet ramp...
L87 Cl300 Cropped


May 18, 2023
LEKTRO 87 tow tractors are designed to tow aircraft with a MTOW up to 85,000 lbs., making them ideal for pushbacks and towing of turboprop aircraft and most wide-body business...
20230117 074237205 I Os Conv
Pushbacks, Tractors & Utility Vehicles

Spacer 8600 NG

March 9, 2023
The Mototok Spacer 8600 NG is an innovative NBA multi-aircraft fully electric remote control-operated pushback tug. With a compact design, it is simple to operate, requiring no...
Tsv Gse Tug Alpha1
Pushbacks, Tractors & Utility Vehicles


March 7, 2023
The TUG ALPHA 1, a narrow-body pushback, is purpose-built for unrivaled productivity, safety and operator experience. Available in both gas and lithium, the TUG ALPHA 1 features...
Ett 8 X
Pushbacks, Tractors & Utility Vehicles


The all new ETT-8X Electric Tow Tractor has a fully electric powertrain, making it the most sustainable vehicle in the Eagle fleet. Backed by the Eagle 3-year/3,000-hour warranty...
Timsan Tow Tractor
Pushbacks, Tractors & Utility Vehicles

TIM80 Aircraft Tow Tractor

Oct. 14, 2022
The TIM80 Aircraft Tow Tractor has a DBP of 80 kN and provides a towing capacity up to 114 tons on wet concrete and a 1% slope. With its compact, robust, durable chassis and high...
Chassis Maintenance Cutout
Pushbacks, Tractors & Utility Vehicles

Modular Chassis and Wagon System

Nov. 18, 2021
The Stinar Modular Chassis and Wagon System offers a 48v electric chassis with a range of 40 miles and a load capacity of 5,000 lbs. The 17hp, 13kW electric motor provides ample...
Mulag 200513960 D Comet4fc Terminal
Pushbacks, Tractors & Utility Vehicles

Comet 4 FC

This innovative airport towing tractor offers a hydrogen fuel cell drive and up to 30t trailing load (drawbar pull 20 kN), 30 kW axle integrated AC motor with 15 kW continuous...
4 (1)
Baggage Handling Equipment & Accessories


Feb. 15, 2021
The Mallaghan Bendibelt is an aircraft baggage loading system which enables baggage to be loaded/unloaded in a safe, efficient and expedient manner with the operator in control...
Pushbacks, Tractors & Utility Vehicles

Model HTSB Tractor

The Harlan Model HTSB is available with the latest model US/Euro emission-compliant engines. This compact, shorter wheelbase, low-profile design is robust with excellent all-around...
Alpha Cart 4212 A
Baggage Handling Equipment & Accessories


Aug. 27, 2020
The FAST AlphaCart sets a new standard in design solutions for GSE. Engineered with rotomolded construction for strength, durability and corrosion-resistance, but with less weight...
TractEasy 59ee2e54f3fd1
Baggage & Cargo


Oct. 23, 2017
TractEasy is a driverless baggage tractor incorporating software that allows the robotized unit to operate in a complex and live ramp environment. This complete solution integrates...