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  • July/August 2021
  • July/August 2021

    Arora Engineers, Inc.
    Maintenance Workers With I Pad Tablet I Stock 936149030
    Airport Technology

    Optimize Your Operations

    Aug. 19, 2021
    Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) systems are cutting edge solutions airports can implement to compile and synthesize all of the disparate smart data they are already collecting...
    The Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport
    Losant Sensor Baggage Restrooms (3)
    Airport Technology

    CVG’s Sensor Tech

    Aug. 19, 2021
    YVR isn’t the only airport putting sensors and data to use. The Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport (CVG) has been utilizing the technology for years and is only...
    Vancouver International Airport
    The Vancouver International Airport's Innovation Hub is still young, but already improving the airport's operations.
    Airport Technology

    Innovating Airport Operations

    Aug. 19, 2021
    The Vancouver International Airport launched its Innovation Hub earlier this year, partnering with their local tech-minded business community for a place to pioneer their innovations...
    TAC Air
    A street side view of the FBO showing the current state of construction.
    FBOs & Tenants

    TAC Air Expands and Improves in Amarillo

    Aug. 19, 2021
    AMA is opening its “new” doors to the FBO's first major renovation since 1993, growing their footprint and improving their operations to meet the needs of Amarillo's growing market...
    Beumer Group
    All bags are tracked with RFID tags on the CrisBag System, so it’s quicker to identify if a bag becomes missing along the process.
    Airport Technology

    New Technology Takes Control of Baggage Systems

    Aug. 19, 2021
    The Individual Carrier System (ICS) baggage handling system is designed for shared airline use. It enables 100 percent track and trace as each bag remains in the same tote throughout...

    More content from July/August 2021

    Satellites are able to provide the safe, secure, reliable and resilient connectivity needed, thanks to their high capacity, availability and ability to work in situations where conditions can prove difficult to other network topologies and where security and service availability are paramount.

    Satellites Have the Power to Transform the Aviation Industry

    With efforts being made globally to improve safety and demand growing among travelers for connectivity, it will become paramount for airport operators to utilize satellite connectivity...
    Musco Lighting
    011 P0517 After B
    Lighting, Signage, Closure Markings

    Musco Lighting Illuminates the Future

    Aug. 19, 2021
    Musco Lighting began developing new airfield lighting solutions more than 40 years ago. The company began with metal halide technology in 1976, and it has continually improved...
    Carver Aero
    Roderick Kelly, Marketing Manager, Carver Aero.
    FBOs & Tenants

    FBOs Make a Strong Case for Increasing Charter, Flight-School Business, Other Service Offerings

    Aug. 19, 2021
    Thomas Aronson, 30, would drive up to eight hours to meet with customers. “I’d be on the road three days a week meeting with three customers. Now I meet with all three in one ...
    Paul A. Lange, LLC

    What Are Federal Grant Assurances and How Do They Impact Our Nation’s Airports?

    Aug. 19, 2021
    Presently, there are approximately 2,800 federally obligated airports in the United States. On May 13, 2021, the FAA announced the award of more than $898.9 million in infrastructure...
    Total PFOA and PFOS in groundwater at FAI pilot test well MW-1903-20. PFOA and PFOS have been remediated to detection limits of less than 2 ng/L for the two post-application events.
    Aircraft Rescue & Firefighting (ARFF)

    PFAS-Contaminated Drinking Water: A Growing Concern for Airports

    Aug. 19, 2021
    Regulation of PFAS begins in 2021 with a spotlight on aviation facilities.
    MC Solutions
    Mc Solutions Artwork
    Lighting, Signage, Closure Markings

    MCLO Monitoring Control Lamp Optical

    July 23, 2021
    Monitor and control AGL is a matter of safety and low consumption for a sustainable and efficient new tech.
    Lufthansa Consulting
    Figure 1: Largest U.S. airports and market shares.

    Airports by the Thousands: Developing a Niche-Based Business Model, Positions U.S. Regional Airports to Conquer the Challenges Ahead

    June 17, 2021
    The network of airports, airfields and landing strips in the United States is vast – the success and prosperity of regional and general aviation airports rests on their ability...
    Amglo Aircraft Taxi Q4626 Side
    Lighting, Signage, Closure Markings

    Q4626 Halogen Aircraft Taxi Lamp

    Dec. 9, 2020
    Amglo's Q4626 halogen aircraft taxi lamp offers a 1,000-hour life and stretched filament technology, which is used to meet extreme beam angle requirements set by the American ...
    S4 Ga Portable Trailer For Military
    Lighting, Signage, Closure Markings

    Military Airfield Lighting Trailer

    Oct. 13, 2020
    The S4GA Military Trailer is designed for temporary operations at military airbases. It accommodates a complete set of certified airfield lights for illumination of 2,500 meter...
    S4ga 0019
    Lighting, Signage, Closure Markings

    Solar Airfield Light

    Sept. 17, 2020
    The SP-401 solar airfield light is the key component of S4GA runway lighting systems. It is certified and compliant with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), ...
    Gallery Prod Xmarker (1)
    Lighting, Signage, Closure Markings

    X-Marker L-893(L) Runway Closure Marker

    Sept. 17, 2020
    The Wanco X-Marker is an L-893(L) lighted visual aid to indicate temporary runway closure. It warns pilots of closed airport runways and taxiways, and protects maintenance crews...
    Carmanah Technologies
    8 F19 B9 E6 5056 B775 A2 C952 Ad25 D426 C4 Featured Image
    Lighting, Signage, Closure Markings

    A704 Solar MIRL Runway Lights

    A704 solar MIRL runway lights meet FAA and ICAO standards for runway edge/ threshold/ end and simple approach lighting. The A704 is lower cost than traditional runway lights –...