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    SWMilExtreme 5b05d040a57a9

    Sherwin-Williams Aerospace Coatings

    Sherwin-Williams military 85285E aerospace coating meets the extreme weather-resistance performance requirements of MIL-PRF-85285E, Type I and IV, Class H. The U.S. Naval Air ...
    Olympus005 5b0711de77019

    Ultra-Portable Industrial Videoscope

    Olympus offers its all-new IPLEX G Lite ultra-portable industrial videoscope for fast, easy visual inspections of small or difficult-to-access locations such as aircraft engines...
    TPI3T3A 5b02f0bbcde34
    Fuel Additives

    Rapid Deployment Additive Injection

    May 21, 2018
    The Hammonds TPI-3T-3A brings the same abilities as its larger systems for making JP-8 from commercially available Jet A in the lightest, most easily transportable package yet...
    BioborJF 5b02eec132fe6
    Fuel Additives

    Aviation Turbine and Jet Fuels Microbiocide

    May 21, 2018
    Biobor JF is the leading aviation fuel microbicide for the eradication and prevention of microbial growth in aviation fuel systems, since 1965. Biobor JF is approved for aviation...
    jet starter 5b030fdc77dd1
    GSE Parts & Components

    Hoses and Couplings

    May 18, 2018
    U.S. Airmotive GSE offers 500 F and 600 F Jet Start Hose including all types of hose couplings, fittings and clamps. The company provides both the open Braided and the Leno Weave...

    More content from Summer 2018

    Xtremeshell 5afefbe17d6d4

    Pipe Flange Containment System

    The Xtreme Shell is a patented, reusable, hard containment shell designed to fully enclose a pipe flange, manifold or any other leak point. The drain hose diverts the leak to ...
    deployable mx stands 5afefaac3881f
    Shop Equipment

    Deployable Phase Maintenance Stands

    JETechnology Solutions Inc. (Orlando, FL) has designed and delivered its first set of Deployable A-10 Aircraft Maintenance Stands to Moody Air Force Base (Valdosta, GA) on May...
    Liebherrmil 5afef949a9564
    Aircraft Airframe & Accessories

    Military Component Supplier

    As a system and component supplier, Liebherr-Aerospace has a specific final assembly line in Saline, MI (USA), assuring both, production and delivery within the USA for flight...
    Pulsetech 5afef7ad4401a
    Battery Chargers

    24-Volt Solar Pulse Battery Charger Monitor System

    PulseTech’s SPCMS 24-volt battery Solar Pulse Charge Monitor System is ideal for maintaining 24-volt lead-acid batteries on generators or vehicles in long-term outdoor storage...
    Philatron 5afddcec4915a

    Generator and Distribution Cable

    Philatron manufactures 100 percent of all components - cable, connectors and assembly. From solid copper rod to finished molded connector under rigid certified quality programs...
    FireAde 5afddbe685b70

    Firefighting Solutions

    May 17, 2018
    FireAde brand firefighting solutions offer the U.S.military the best-performing product for firefighting with FireAde MIL-Spec Type 3 percent and FireAde Type 6 percent AFFF. ...
    Intellicheck3 5afdda04c81d9
    Fueling Equipment & Accessories

    Fuel Monitoring System

    The new Scully Intellicheck 3 Dual-Level Monitor System meets the recently revised National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA 407) and Joint Inspection Group (JIG2) standards. It monitors...
    Hermannelson 5afdd8ddebead

    “All-In-One” Units

    The Herman Nelson HPL Series of “All-In-One” units offer the performance of a commercial indirect fired heating unit with the versatility and convenience of a retractable LED ...
    ceotronic 5afdd79f47a25
    Safety Equipment

    Noise Protection Helmet

    May 17, 2018
    The CT-Noise Protection Helmet is a CeoTronics engineering masterpiece and is the communications product of choice for extreme noise conditions of up to 140 db (A). The in-built...
    redwingyellow 5afdd6af8b423
    Safety Equipment

    Trailing Edge Protective Foams

    May 17, 2018
    For use on C-37s, CV-22s, F-15s, F-16s, F/A-18s, F-22s, F-35s, A-10s, S-2s, SH-60s, UH-60s, AH-64s and AH-1s. Both REDWING and YelloWing are reusable and durable. They come 72...
    TCS3000 5afdd58b90f8c

    Electronic Register

    Control and capture net/gross delivery volume, calculated mass, differential pressure, additive, tank inventory, and fuel water content data with the TCS 3000 Electronic Register...
    F 22 72kW wAGE Logo 5bd22e4d19998
    GPUs, PCAs, Power Carts & Accessories

    Diesel Power Cart

    Aviation Ground Equipment Corp. adds the 72 kW Diesel Power Cart to its product offering. This low-cost, hardened cart, is designed to operate in the most stringent military theaters...
    Adducent 5afdb27fb8b13
    Buyers Guide

    Tool Recovery

    May 17, 2018
    Aeroprobe Tool Detection System technology has proven to save search time and potential tool FOD mishaps.
    PCAreelcraft 5afdb12583fd6
    GPUs, PCAs, Power Carts & Accessories

    Hand Crank PCA Ducting Reels

    Reelcraft’s PCA reels handle 75’ of 14” I.D. pre-conditioned air ducting and are designed for ergonomic handling of air ducting in airport ground support applications. Aluminum...
    ILNatlGuard 5afdb056df868

    Customized Aircraft Hangar Doors

    Door Engineering, an aviation hangar door industry leader, has been delivering customized aircraft hangar doors for the U.S. military for over 40 years. Its skilled team of designers...
    UNIVERSALWE 5 5af0647147182

    Magnetic Particle Wet Bench for High Speed Inspections

    May 7, 2018
    The Magnaflux multi-direction magnetic particle wet bench is specifically designed for speed. The Universal WE is now available in North America to complement the existing line...
    NZCart 5aec8c8fa9ec6

    Baggage Cart Covers

    May 4, 2018
    With ultimate protection and care for passengers and their property being the focus of every airline, the need for covers for all baggage barrow carts is essential. These covers...
    AMI 1 5aec8afd6a1a9

    Ground Power Units

    The AMI line of ground power units includes models from 1,800 peak amps up to 4,500 peak amps for starting aircraft and models from 25 amps of continuous power up to 100 amps ...
    FuelTankSealant 5aec88d2160c0
    Fuel Systems

    Fuel Tank Sealant

    Performance Aircraft Services utilizes AquaStripping to remove legacy polysulfide sealants. It can install polysulfide sealant, or as an option, install EF-5992 Polyurethane sealant...
    Unitron3 5aec86d40e9bd

    Power Carts

    Unitron's PwrKart Series includes light-weight 400 Hz mobile converters for aircraft ground power applications in the hangar or ramp area. With the lightest weight-to-power rating...
    LithiumWerks 5aec85c0bb9c4

    Lithium Ion Batteries

    The U-Charge RT series is a family of lithium ion phosphate batteries based on the standard U1 size, ready for “drop-in” replacement for lead-acid batteries. They can be attached...
    LPI 5aec84cfd89fd
    Shop Equipment

    Personnel Lifts

    May 4, 2018
    With 35+ years experience in personnel lift design and fabrication, LPI stays on the cutting edge of product design and manufacturing, providing lifts that make your process better...
    ATScargopitliner 5aec83e861ba1
    Aircraft Airframe & Accessories

    Cargo Pit Liner/Side Wall Protector

    Aviation Technical Services' rigorously tested panels, now flying on a major U.S. airline, provided complete protection of covered areas. The panels completely protect the pit...
    Glow 5aec8277b179c
    Safety Equipment

    Glow in the Dark Signage

    When all lights are out, Permalight photoluminescent signs and markings high-performance glow in the dark. The glow material absorbs ambient lighting and emits its yellow glow...
    2 galFlightmaster 5b0eb9fc56b60

    Fluid Handling Systems

    May 4, 2018
    FluidTran has been custom designing fluid handling systems for over a decade delivering superior quality and performance at lower prices. The FLIGHTMASTER product line includes...
    MB4 5aec8056c301b
    Pushbacks, Tractors & Utility Vehicles

    Tow Tractor

    Model MB4 has a 16,000-pound DBP rating. A short wheelbase and four-wheel steering make the MB4 highly maneuverable. Tractor features a turbocharged six-cylinder Cummins engine...
    closedtirecart 5aec7f8959615

    Closed Tire Cart

    May 4, 2018
    This fully enclosed tire cart offers capabilities of carrying up to four main tires and two nose tires, brake, jack and nitrogen bottle. Lightweight, gas prop assisted non-slip...
    DTResearch 5ae9d8d3bac3f
    Airport Technology

    Rugged Tablet Purpose-built for 3-D Interactive Aerospace Training

    May 2, 2018
    DT Research offers the DT340T, an IP65 rated Rugged Tablet with a 14-inch full-HD vivid display and dedicated high-performance NVIDIA GeForce GTX Graphic Card that supports high...
    JETech 1 5ab155c2f002f
    Shop Equipment

    JETechnology Solutions Inc. Delivers F-16 Aircraft Maintenance Stand to Lackland AFB, TX

    JETechnology Solutions Inc. (Orlando, FL) delivered its set of customized F-16 Aircraft Maintenance Stands to Lackland Air Force Base (San Antonio, TX) in Q1 of 2018. This particular...
    5J21Olive 5a85ed010d645

    Hydraulic Power Units

    Feb. 15, 2018
    Tronair has an extensive line of hydraulic power unit products for military helicopter and airplane applications. Tronair’s quality, value and service create dependable products...
    Eagle USATS 5afef0bb2a055
    Pushbacks, Tractors & Utility Vehicles

    Tow Tractor/Burden Carrier

    The Eagle USATS is a combination aircraft tow tractor and burden carrier, created based on the Army’s need for a multi-functional vehicle. The USATS features up to 8,000 pounds...
    CJtripod 5a85ea9b19897

    12-Ton Multi-Stage Tripod Jack

    Tronair's tripod jacks meet or exceed all known commercial and military requirements and specifications, and are cycle tested, load tested and proof-load tested to ensure the ...
    Raisbecke 5a85e84d938fc

    Expand Mission Capabilities

    Expand your King Air mission capabilities with Raisbeck’s Performance Systems. Individually designed to improve performance, efficiency, operational flexibility, comfort and safety...
    AMIenginewash 5a84b77eba1ad
    Shop Equipment

    Turbine Engine Wash Systems

    Designed to perform compressor and turbine wheel washes to the manufacturers’ specifications, the AMI-TW60 line is robust and well built, allowing the operator to save money. ...
    Malabar759A 5a0371dad869a
    Shop Equipment

    Jacks For P-8A Maintenance

    Malabar has a group of products for the P-8A Poseidon and similarly sized aircraft. The 759A 50-ton fixed height tripod jack, 714A 12-ton variable height tripod jack and 50P9AR...
    More Logo 5b0eb231ddb20
    Aircraft Engines

    Extend Engine TBO

    Oct. 18, 2016
    MORE Company Inc. provides eight FAA approved Supplemental Type Certificates (STCs) for certain models of PT6A engines to extend the engine TBO to 8,000 hours. The MORE STC uses...
    F16cover 5a83198291ea4
    Aircraft Airframe & Accessories

    Protective Covers

    Its patented crosslink foam covers provide protection for trailing edges, wing tips, prop tips, antenna and more.