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    KD 5100 5a1c796a067ca
    Inspection & Testing

    Differential Measurement System

    The Measuring Division of Kaman Precision Products, Inc. offers its KD-5100 differential measurement system, which provides resolution to a nanometer of positional change. With...
    EXoildrain 5a159d5b583fa

    Oil Drain Valves

    Nov. 22, 2017
    Global Sales Group introduces the EZ Oil Drain Valve for trucks, buses, and industrial equipment. The valve simply replaces the standard drain plug on all engines for clean and...
    Coal Tar Sealer 5a1331341350e
    Runway Management

    Coal Tar Pavement Sealer

    Nov. 20, 2017
    SealMaster Coal Tar Sealer is a clay-stabilized, fuel resistant, coal tar emulsion pavement sealer fortified with special surfactants for superior adhesion and durability. It ...
    MicroStream 5a132b98703b7
    Hand Tools

    USB Flashlight

    Nov. 20, 2017
    The Streamlight MicroStream USB flashlight is small enough for aviation professionals to clip to or carry in a flight suit pocket, while offering amazing brightness, long run ...
    Snap-on Industrial
    SnaponLevel5 5a131613cac9f
    Storage & Work Surfaces

    Tool Control System

    Nov. 20, 2017
    For everything from heavy-duty military vehicle maintenance to intricate helicopter repairs, Level 5 keeps track of your tools.

    More content from Winter 2017

    HRCart 5a0f08462fea7
    Cargo Handling Equipment & Accessories

    Human Remains Cart

    Nov. 17, 2017
    Par-Kan Company’s HR cart is essential for respectfully transporting both civilian and military remains in and around the airport. The HRC-5010 is built strong using heavy gauge...
    UPSOverview 5a0f07596036e
    Electrical Systems

    Power Supply

    The 28VUPS29FSPD is an uninterruptible power supply that provides bridge power to mission equipment during AC bus transfers, low voltage sags, and other AC/DC interruptions all...
    SWmilitarycoating 5a0b6ab33cd6e

    Military Aerospace Coating

    Sherwin-Williams military 85285E aerospace coating is a high performance, polyurethane topcoat designed for exterior use on military, general aviation and commercial aircraft....
    RedwingYellowing 5a0b6932a011f
    Safety Equipment

    Trailing Edge Protective Foams

    Nov. 14, 2017
    AEROTAPE offers REDWING and YelloWing trailing edge protective foams. For use on C-37s, CV-22s, F-15s, F-16s, F/A-18s, F-22s, F-35s, A-10s, S-2s, SH-60s, UH-60s, AH-64s and AH...
    Kimtech 5a0b67a3208e0
    Cleaners, Polishes

    Precision Cleaning Cloth +Chemical Application

    The Kimtech Precision Cleaning Cloth +Chemical Application from Kimberly-Clark Professional is a first-of-its-kind cloth-like wiper designed specifically for critical tasks where...
    TD500IDF HS 300dpi 5a05d44dd4160
    GPUs, PCAs, Power Carts & Accessories

    TD 500 IDF Heater

    Nov. 10, 2017
    Following the success of the TD500 GSE Cabin Heater, Therm Dynamics has introduced the TD500 IDF. This portable standalone heater is designed to preheat engines and thaw frozen...
    se aviation comp preview 5a09d8833eb5e

    Situational Awareness, Tracking and Support

    Guardian Mobility Inc. announces a new three-year contract, under the Foreign Military Sale (FMS) agreement with the U.S. Air Force, to supply the Iraqi Air Force fleet of aircraft...
    TitanTVT 5a03731f80111
    Borescopes & Videoscopes

    Low-Cost Videoscope

    TVT Series Borescopes from Titan Tool Supply Inc. provide high-quality, remote visual inspection during aviation maintenance. Lower in cost than comparable videoscopes, the TVT...
    Malabar759A 5a0371dad869a
    Shop Equipment

    Jacks For P-8A Maintenance

    Malabar has a group of products for the P-8A Poseidon and similarly sized aircraft. The 759A 50-ton fixed height tripod jack, 714A 12-ton variable height tripod jack and 50P9AR...
    Stertillift 5a0370a17c768

    Heavy-Duty Vehicle Lifts

    Nov. 8, 2017
    Stertil-Koni, which enjoys relationships with multiple airlines and the U.S. military, is the market leader in dependable, safe and durable heavy-duty vehicle lifts. The company...
    ExtechDuPage 5a036f8401054
    Hangar & Hangar Doors

    Interlocking Polycarbonate Translucent Wall System

    The LIGHTWALL 3440 is a polycarbonate wall system that offers beauty, durability, and economy. It features vertical panels that can extend to 54 feet long and provides energy ...
    CallStationMountTalkaphone 5a145f1de4353
    Cabin Communications

    Call Station Mount

    Nov. 8, 2017
    Durable housing for mounting a call station outdoors on a wall, pole or kiosk. Designed to mount any Talkaphone flush mount call station indoors or outdoors and identify the location...
    ViaSeriesTalkaphone 5a145ded1fa2e
    Cabin Communications

    Communication Pedestal

    Nov. 8, 2017
    The Via Series is an access and courtesy communication pedestal, a connection point between you and your destination. The stylized pedestal is available with card reader and push...
    ETPWMS 5a036cf37b146
    Cabin Communications

    Secure Communications

    Nov. 8, 2017
    Security solution for remote and high-risk areas that has contemporary architectural styling, and constructed of durable 316 marine grade stainless steel. An always-lit LED blue...
    oneil logo 2CG CMYK 300 dpi 2 in tall 5a036ae2197c9

    Technical Solutions

    Nov. 8, 2017
    ONEIL offers services including LSA, provisioning, technical writing and illustration (including TMs/IETMs), and training (including NET development and delivery), along with ...
    MasterBondepoxy 5a03691808482
    Aircraft Airframe & Accessories

    Aircraft Bonding Epoxy

    Nov. 8, 2017
    This specialty non-halogenated system can be used for bonding, sealing and encapsulating applications in aircraft requiring stringent Airbus specifications be satisfied. It is...
    merrickdolly 5a0366e5127e5
    Shop Equipment

    Helicopter/Airplane Dollys

    Nov. 8, 2017
    Merrick Machine manufactures custom dollys for all branches of the military. Chinooks, boats, and all types of equipment and material have been moved with the U.S. made Merrick...
    enginestand 5a03646100114
    Shop Equipment

    Engine Access Stand

    The Aircraft Maintenance and Engine Access Stand 07-10 is designed specifically for heavy lift aircraft. The stand has an innovative, light design resulting in a small footprint...
    Utility 5a033d0b1e715
    Safety Equipment

    Solar Security

    Designed for temporary or long-term use, during emergencies, for security applications, construction, parking, traffic control and numerous other applications, battery operated...
    WebIndustries 5a0337b26f8c1

    Advanced Composites Development Center

    Nov. 8, 2017
    Expanded format processing facilities that will enable the aerospace industry to take advantage of thermoplastic composite materials have been brought online at Web Industries...
    L3Avionics 5a0332bf00fe7

    Military and Commercial Avionics

    L3 Aviation Products is a provider of military and commercial avionics. The company manufactures a diverse line of safety- and efficiency-enhancing products for next-generation...
    L5ANDONL box 5a0330f0cb805
    Storage & Work Surfaces

    Automated Tool Control

    Nov. 8, 2017
    Minimize errors. Minimize FOD and FME. Maximize productivity. Snap-on's Automated Tool Control (ATC) handles all tool control and tracking automatically. Whether it’s by digitally...
    verde 1 5a1d879ee077e

    Military HPC Pre-conditioned Air Units

    Nov. 6, 2017
    Militaries across the globe demand the best from their pilots and support personnel and they in turn deserve the best ground support equipment. Verde GSE understands the role ...
    SolventKleene 2 5a00cb8311bf6
    Chemicals & Solvents

    Aircraft-Paint Immersion Stripper

    USAF conforms Mil PRF 83936C. Noncorrosive, nonhazardous, no hydrogen embrittlement, nonflammable, and performs at 125 F/51.7 C. Free sample D-Zolve 15-33IM available. For more...
    UVR RLM Xtreme 5a00c852627d4
    Buildings & Maintenance

    UV-C Lamp System

    Nov. 6, 2017
    The RLM Xtreme fixtureless UV-C lamp system from UV Resources delivers high-output ultraviolet energy to irradiate coils and destroy mold, bacteria and microbes in demanding, ...
    MT3 5a00c696ba3d9

    Versatile Tow Tractor/Utility Vehicle

    NMC-WOLLARD Model MT3 utility vehicle is a rugged tow tractor in a compact package. It has 8,000 to 12,000-pound drawbar pull (DBP) rating — and 2,500-pound load carry capacity...
    FlexiClick hero attachments 5a00c4424c7ea
    Hand Tools

    5-in-1 Drill/Driver System

    Nov. 6, 2017
    Bosch’s FlexiClick is a one-click system that saves time and delivers high-quality drilling and driving for any project – big or small. It combines 12-volt power with four professional...
    OCVcontrolvalve 5a00c25ddaefe

    Fuel Control Valves

    Nov. 6, 2017
    OCV Control Valves has 60+ years of experience providing control valves for the aviation fueling industry. Common control functions include aircraft fueling and fuel storage, ...
    Viking Electronics
    40TB IP 5a00c0d440391
    Cabin Communications

    Talk-Back Speaker

    Model 40TB-IP Talk-Back Speaker enables two-way conversations via SIP and also allows for standard paging and background music via multicast. Use a hard wired button to initiate...
    Frank Martin
    aircraftart 5a00bf3d21b2d
    Shop Equipment

    The Art of Aircraft

    Nov. 6, 2017
    The Art of Aircraft pays homage to the visionaries, inventors, engineers, designers, builders, crew, and pilots that create and fly aircraft of all types. It recognizes and illustrates...
    IMG 1188 283 29 59e66dc28ddb0
    Shop Equipment

    Tire Inflation Cage

    Oct. 17, 2017
    A new larger model is now available for wheels with tire diameters up to 42 inches.
    Eagle GSW directory 2017 59cd565fa2838
    Pushbacks, Tractors & Utility Vehicles

    Tugs For Commercial Aviation and Military

    Eagle Tugs has been providing commercial aviation, military, industrial and transit customers with robust, reliable tugs with the industry’s strongest warranty for more than ...
    solventkleenehelicopter 10472838 59b97498bedbe
    Chemicals & Solvents

    Aircraft Powder Coating and Paint Remover

    Sept. 13, 2017
    Solvent Kleene offers the Spray-on/Brush-on Type Stripper D-Zolve 15-33R. It fully conforms to T.O. 1-1-8 and TT-R-2918. Compatible with most ferrous and nonferrous metals, including...
    Raisbeck3 5a00c5506f3b6
    Aircraft Engines

    Performance Packages

    Expand your King Air's mission capabilities with Raisbeck’s Performance Systems, each individually designed to improve the performance, efficiency, operational flexibility, comfort...
    MMMS newfamily revised 591b4791a7ae6

    Advanced Avionics Solutions

    Universal Avionics provides advanced avionics solutions for all types of military rotor wing, turboprop, and transport aircraft. The company’s Multi-Missions Management System...
    More Logo 5b0eb231ddb20
    Aircraft Engines

    Extend Engine TBO

    Oct. 18, 2016
    MORE Company Inc. provides eight FAA approved Supplemental Type Certificates (STCs) for certain models of PT6A engines to extend the engine TBO to 8,000 hours. The MORE STC uses...
    ThawHead for AvPros eMilitary 56d8b76b61871
    Runway Management

    Thawing System

    The ThawHead is a portable apparatus which, using any​ standard hot water pressure washer, thaws an airfield lighting canister or​ pull pit completely filled with ice, with no...