Editor's Note

Nov. 3, 2005
Product vs. Service: This seems to be the source of many debates concerning the editorial focus of Ground Support Magazine.

It’s as if one were entirely separate from the other and a choice needs to be made. However, the ever-changing environment of ground support has brought into focus a continually expanding consumer triangle. Manufacturers, who continue to sell to airlines, albeit struggling, are rapidly increasing their customer base of ground support handlers, who make up sixteen percent of our readership. This epiphany and our mission to provide you with information essential to your business has led GSM to a larger scope of editorial. We strive to show you the new technologies, tried-and-true backbone equipment and timely product profiles. But, we also push to stay ahead of business trends, expanding our coverage to services and service providers. It’s not about losing focus, but about gaining a better perspective of the new industry environment.

In addition, we launched a new website this year. It’s a quick, easy-to-navigate version. Highlights include the Online Buyer’s Guide; a directory of companies with their contact information. Also, any products or services detailed in this issue and hundreds more are available online in the Product Search at www.groundsupportmagazine.com.


So what’s in this issue? For those of you new to Ground Support Magazine, this is the yearly Industry Showcase of GS products and services, in full color.

Grouped into categories, the companies selling to the GS market of today are invited to submit the products/services they want you to be informed about. Take a peek at the innovations the industry has to offer, not just with the ground support equipment vital to the ramp, but to many services gaining momentum.

We’ve labeled this issue 2006 Industry Showcase, because we know it will prove to be a valuable resource all year long. Enjoy, and if you have any comments, please drop us a line. We always enjoy hearing from you.

Thanks for reading.