Deicing and Anti-Icing Equipment

Sept. 1, 2006
This section highlights products related to Deicing and Anti-Icing Equipment.

Glycol Pro Jr.

Deicing Systems and Solutions uses the same state-of-the-art blending system used in the Glycol Pro™ High Delivery Systems, but in a smaller package. Glycol Pro Jr. is suited for a range of deicing operation sizes and needs. Dual in-line refractometers and accurate mixing valves provide an ideal glycol-water blend dependent on atmospheric conditions, maximizing glycol efficiency and cost savings. Each unit is shipped in a heated cabinet with easy connections to make it ready to use when it reaches the site.

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UCAR™ Aircraft Deicing Fluids

The Dow Chemical Company's UCAR™ Aircraft Deicing Fluids are for use in preparing commercial and general aviation aircraft for winter takeoff. Products include UCAR ADF ethylene glycol-based SAE Type I aircraft deicing fluids, UCAR PG ADF propylene glycol-based SAE Type I aircraft deicing fluids, UCAR ADF/AAF ULTRA+™ ethylene glycol-based SAE Type IV aircraft deicing/anti-icing fluid and UCAR FLIGHTGUARD™ AD-480 propylene glycol Type IV AAF.Click e-inquiry and enter #61.

Airport Runway Anti-Icer

Monroe Snow and Ice Control manufacturers various types of liquid application equipment. Pictured is a 2,000 gallon, five section 45 foot boom chassis, 400 GPM pump. Ground speed controlled.Click e-inquiry and enter #62.

Aircraft Deicing Fluid Collection & Recycling

Inland Technologies International establishes airport environmental programs managing the collection and recycling of aircraft de-icing fluid. Inland offers cost-effective recovery and recycling of waste glycol collected from military and civilian airport de-icing and anti-icing operations. Inland has developed the patented Glycol Concentrator. This system separates water from deicing fluid chemicals to produce a reusable glycol product and clean water. The unit is compact, energy efficient, and can process very dilute effluent.Click e-inquiry and enter #63.

Deicing Training Simulators

gForce Technologies' Interactive Deicing Training Simulators emulate the function and feel of major manufacturers' deicing vehicles by using the vehicles' actual controls. Deicing operators and trainers both find simulators useful because they can practice with no risk of damage to equipment and aircraft. Multiple deicing training simulators can network together allowing several operators to practice deicing teamwork on a single aircraft and you can practice complex, multi-operator maneuvers. Turn 'down time' into training time, any time of year.Click e-inquiry and enter #64.

Tornado RC Monitor with Automatic RC Deicing Nozzle

Task Force Tips Inc.'s Tornado is a remotely controlled truck mounted monitor with electric remote control of rotation and elevation angle rated to 500 gpm. The electric motor provides elevation control from 90 degrees above horizontal to 45 degrees below horizontal. The electric drives and control box are waterproof and the unit has an electronically operated 370 degrees horizontal rotational travel, user installed travel limit stops, automatic drain valve, stainless steel worm gear drive and shall have grease zerk fittings for easy service and lubrication. Optional remote wired, tethered and wireless remote controls will also be available. The discharge elbow shall include an integral stream straightener, the monitor shall be constructed of hard coat anodized aluminum alloy and shall have a silver powder coat finish inside and out. Unit shall have serial number and be covered by a 5-year warranty.Click e-inquiry and enter #65.

Cryotech NAAC®

Cryotech Deicing Technology manufactures acetate-based deicing alternatives to chloride-based deicers and urea. Cryotech NAAC® (solid anhydrous sodium acetate) meets current FAA specifications for airside use. NAAC® is ideal for use on runways, ramps, baggage cart areas, passenger traffic areas, etc. It is generally selected due to its low environmental impact and high performance, resulting from its exothermic reaction giving off heat when it melts. NAAC® has a low corrosion rate, is readily biodegradable and works to low temperatures—above zero degrees Fahrenheit. Cryotech is an ISO 9001:2000 and 14001:2004 certified company.Click e-inquiry and enter #66.

SENTRY Make-A-Berm Deicing Containment System

Millennium Enterprises, Inc. introduces the new SENTRY Make-A-Berm Deicing Containment System. Modified from our proven two-inch Make-A-Berm foam encapsulated soft wall system to a new higher three-inch wall, the system adheres to concrete or asphalt using our special adhesive and can be driven over by trucks, Tugs or aircraft without damage to equipment or the wall system. Once the deicing wastewater is contained, the optional vacuum/pump system extracts and pumps to holding tanks available for rent nationwide. Available in standard and custom sizes to meet your specific needs in both complete closed wall dike areas or simply runoff side containment configurations only.Click e-inquiry and enter #67.
New Products

Standby Compass Calibrator (SCC)

Firstmark Aerospace's Standby Compass Calibrator (SCC) eliminates the need for the physical rotation of an aircraft to perform calibration of the standby compass. By eliminating the need for conventional ground swinging, the standby compass is compensated more rapidly and inexpensively, saving hours of technician labor. Firstmark's SCC is listed on both the Boeing and Airbus recommended equipment lists. The SCC cancels the local effect of the Earth's magnetic field at the standby compass location and it adds a standard magnetic field which can be rotated to simulate aircraft heading, permitting compass error to be identified without physical rotation.Click e-inquiry and enter #68.