6,500 Power Flow Tuned Exhaust Systems And Counting . . .

March 9, 2023
Power Flow
Tuned Exhaust System
Tuned Exhaust System

As evidenced by its year-end production summary, Power Flow Systems blazed past the 6,500 unit milestone in late 2022. The company sold and shipped the first copy of its iconic Tuned Exhaust System in 1999.

Even more telling, in the eyes of Darren Tilman, Power Flow’s president, is that the rate of both sales and shipments have increased: “In the 2010 through 2020 period,” Tilman relates, “both sales and shipments consistently hovered in the range of 15 – 20 systems per month.  For the past 15 months, though, we have been shipping well over 25 systems per month and our backlog of orders has been steadily increasing.”

With the growing success of the company’s recently introduced PMCF systems, intended for Cessna’s six cylinder-powered -180, -182, & -185 aircraft as well as the -205 through -210 series airframes, Tilman said he expects these trends to continue, if not accelerate.

To meet the growing demand and reduce the lead times for new orders, the company has embarked on a major expansion of both their Daytona Beach, Florida, production facility and workforce.

A properly designed tuned exhaust system substantially improves the efficiency of an aircraft engine, allowing it to extract more power from each combustion cycle. Power Flow tuned exhaust systems are FAA approved via STC and provide an immediate increase in top speed capability of 4-7 MPH or the ability to fly at established cruise speeds saving up to 2.2 GPH. They also add 100-250 feet per minute in climb, and an increase of 2,000’ – 5,000’ in service ceiling.