Fire Extinguishing Systems

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Green / Alternative Energy GSE

Portable Electric-Driven Gas Booster

Hydraulics International, Inc. (HII) portable Electric Driven Gas booster is rated to 10,000 psi for breathing air/N2 and 4500 psi for oxygen service. Ideal for filling or topping...
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Fire Extinguishing Systems

Hannay Reels, Inc.

June 22, 2007
Hannay Reels has supplied refueling reels, firefighting reels, and hangar reels for maintenance ' repair to military and private aviation for decades.
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Fire Extinguishing Systems

Foam Eductors ' Accessories

Task Force Tips offers foam eductors and companion products:"Auto Flush" mechanism back flushes without disassembly1-inch diameter PVC and stainless-steel pickup tube60, 95 and...
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Fire Extinguishing Systems

Foam Fire Fighting Cart

Direct Supply Inc. offers the Tri-Max 30 600 gallon Foam Fire Fighting Cart by Stanley Aviation.
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GPUs, PCAs, Power Carts & Accessories

2-Bottle Oxygen/Nitrogen Booster Hand Cart

Hydraulic International, Inc. has developed the Oxygen/Nitrogen Booster Hand cart that provides reliable gas boosting from 500-5,000 psi. The booster is mounted on a kickstand...