SkyWest Set To Deploy CAE's Next-Generation Flight Operations Solutions

May 30, 2023

CAE has signed an agreement with SkyWest, Inc. to modernize their digital operations ecosystem with CAE's next generation Flight Operations Solutions. CAE's flexible, configurable, and scalable portfolio of industry-leading operational software leverages the power of data and automation to enhance operational performance and profitability.

"SkyWest is taking a leap forward in operations management with CAE's next generation Flight Operations Solutions," said Pascal Grenier, Senior Vice President, Flight Services and Global Operations. "With our most advanced solutions at their fingertips, the team at SkyWest will be empowered to make the best decisions for its operations and its passengers."

"CAE's next generation software will help advance SkyWest's technology across our operations," said Robert Simmons, Chief Financial Officer for SkyWest, Inc. "CAE's automation will reduce our manual workload and bring critical information to the forefront, helping ensure we continue to safely and efficiently coordinate thousands of flights each day."

CAE's portfolio of next generation solutions is a platform of choice for regional carriers in North America who rely on our technology to realize operational efficiencies and support them in managing their business in close coordination with their respective mainline partners.

In addition to optimizing operations, SkyWest will benefit from CAE's extensive experience in deploying mission-critical software that will modernize operations, boost performance, and position it for long-term success.

CAE's Flight Operations Solutions are part of the company's comprehensive Civil Aviation portfolio of turnkey products and services that empower airlines and their people to enhance safety and operational performance.