Tallyho! Adds Bluetail Aircraft Records Scanning Centers to Application Network

Dec. 9, 2021
Bluetail joins revolutionary aviation service listing app.

TallyHo! Apps has signed Bluetail as its newest addition to the TallyHo! platform. TallyHo! Is the world’s first aviation-centric, service search app. Bluetail is an industry-leading aircraft records platform providing digital aircraft records management for business and private aviation.

Bluetail converts paper maintenance records to actionable digital files via a network of more than 120+ Bluetail Aircraft Records Scanning Centers scattered throughout the U.S. and Canada. These secure SOC 2 scanning centers can scan and convert any physical aircraft record into protected, searchable and shareable digital records on their platform. TallyHo!’s service search app makes it easy for aircraft app users to quickly locate their nearest Bluetail scanning location.

“This is a natural fit right from the beginning,” said founder and CEO Roberto Guerrieri. “We want aircraft owners, flight departments and operators to protect their valuable assets via our extensive scanning network. With TallyHo!’s innovative aviation app, we knew it would be an easy way for our current and future customers to quickly locate their nearest Bluetail Aircraft Records Scanning Center.”

TallyHo! Founder Byron Severson said, “Roberto and Stuart (Illian, co-founder and president) have been on our radar since they launched their incredible new app back in early 2020. We’ve had a great dialogue and rapport with them and we’re thrilled to be promoting their business and scanning locations on TallyHo!”