New Qualification and Training Enhancement for WinAir Version 7

Sept. 30, 2020

WinAir announced the upcoming release of a new qualification and training enhancement for WinAir Version 7. This new facet of the company’s industry-leading aviation management software will be available in the version 7.1.11 software update at the end of October. It will be available for all current WinAir Version 7 All-Inclusive subscriptions, and can be added to any new or existing WinAir software packages.

WinAir’s qualification and training enhancement will revolutionize how aviation operations and MROs keep qualifications, licenses, and personnel requirements up-to-date for all staff. With this robust enhancement, businesses can track and manage each staff member’s authorizations, such as an AME authorization, along with their specific qualifications, which may include any particular type certifications; for instance, a certification that grants them approval to perform independent inspections. Businesses can also use this enhancement to keep tabs on unique staff personnel requirements, such as health and safety certificates. WinAir will alert staff and management when any items are due for renewal.

This ability to easily track and stay current with all staff credentials is a significant benefit to any aviation operation or MRO, as it ensures that staff completing specific maintenance work will always meet the stipulated requirements. Since WinAir uses software-enforced validation, it will not allow for the signing off on maintenance tasks without the corresponding current credentials. As a result, businesses will never encounter a scenario where staff lack requirements but are still signing off on maintenance tasks. Along with safeguarding against unauthorized approvals, this measure helps to avoid compliance issues.

For ease of software navigation, businesses using WinAir’s qualification and training enhancement can access user authorization profiles from within a task in WinAir Version 7 and view any attached supporting documentation, qualifications, or certifications. With this information, management can immediately determine if the user in question is allowed to sign off on particular tasks, and if this is the case, then they can schedule the work accordingly. These processes offer remarkable transparency, but also flexibility in terms of how each validation relates to internal processes and location-specific regulatory requirements. Since these requirements vary from region to region and do not fit into a one-size-fits-all scenario, they can be tracked and managed independently within the software.

“We are excited about the forthcoming release of our Qualification and Training enhancement for WinAir Version 7,” says WinAir managing director, Kyle Vergeer. “Being able to efficiently and effectively manage all staff authorizations, qualifications, and personnel requirements and stay up-to-date on these items is crucial to maintaining compliance with aviation standards and regulations. Our new training and qualification enhancement will provide aviation operations and MROs with the assurance that only staff with current credentials can authorize maintenance job completion.”

Along with being able to quickly ascertain which staff has the required qualifications to complete specific maintenance tasks, with WinAir’s qualification and training enhancement, businesses can determine who meets particular work visa, passport, and vaccination requirements. For aviation operations and MROs that operate in multiple regions or for those that frequently take on projects that require travel outside of the country, this is a tremendous benefit as it ensures that there are no last-minute travel issues due to an inability to meet prerequisites. As a result, businesses using this enhancement have the opportunity to be prepared in advance of assigning maintenance work on every occasion.

By capturing staff authorizations, qualifications, and personnel requirements as they relate to aircraft maintenance, travel authorizations, and medical records, WinAir’s Qualification and Training enhancement has the power to boost business efficiencies, accelerate processes, and ensure compliance. There is no need to access external systems or databases since businesses can identify which staff have the required credentials for specific maintenance, and then plan and assign the corresponding maintenance tasks accordingly. Consequently, processes for determining which staff member has particular credentials, and which are coming up due for renewal, are streamlined and expedited, thereby saving significant time and effort.