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Aviation Security

9/11 Ceremony - 2023

TSA hosts its annual 9/11 remembrance event from TSA Headquarters. Warning: there are some images from 9/11/2001 that some may find disturbing.
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XB-1 Taxi Testing: August 23, 2023

Aug. 24, 2023
In August 2023, Boom Supersonic announced the completion of several key milestones for XB-1, our technology demonstrator aircraft. Earlier in 2023, XB-1 was moved from Centennial...
Loy 2023
Ground Handlers & Service Providers

2023 Leaders of the Year Encore

June 28, 2023
Revisit the 2023 Ground Support Worldwide Leaders of the Year, including Lifetime Achievement Award winner Michalis Panagoulias, Team Leader of the Year Ethan Begrowicz, Service...
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GSE Technology

evoBOT at Munich Airport

June 13, 2023
The evoBOT, an autonomous robot with gripper arms and a sense of balance, has successfully completed its first test in the cargo terminal and on the apron. Developed by the Fraunhofer...
Airport Technology

TrashBot in Action at AAAE

June 9, 2023
CleanRobotics CEO and Co-Founder Charles Yhap demonstrates TrashBot recycling technology at the 2023 AAAE 95th Annual Conference & Expo.