2024 Ground Support Worldwide eGSE Report

The Ground Support Worldwide eGSE Report looks at the latest trends around the electrification of ground support equipment.
Ground Handling

Success with ESG

March 12, 2024
How the ground support world is using environmental, social and governance initiatives to enhance the industry.
Green / Alternative Energy GSE

The Unique Benefits of eGSE

Jan. 25, 2024
Ground service providers can realize numerous benefits by utilizing electric equipment. However, there are infrastructure requirements needed to harness its full potential.
Natron Energy
Green / Alternative Energy GSE

How Sodium-ion Batteries Can Support eGSE

Dec. 19, 2023
Proponents advocate sodium-ion battery chemistry is ideal for ground handling because it provides safety, sustainability and efficiency for eGSE.
Green / Alternative Energy GSE

How to Minimize Downtime with Smart Charging Infrastructure

New charging technologies have ushered in an era of efficiency and reliability for ground support equipment and electric forklift fleets.

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Waev Inc.
From ensuring smooth turnarounds and on-time departures to helping increase efficiency in the air cargo supply chain, ground support equipment (GSE) plays a crucial role in the air cargo industry and contributing to the future of sustainability and safety.
Green / Alternative Energy GSE

Sustainability Steps Ground Support Professionals Can Take Today

Sept. 19, 2023
GSE plays a significant role in the air cargo industry, and it should play just as significant a role in the future of sustainability within the industry.
Josh Smith, editor, Ground Support Worldwide
Green / Alternative Energy GSE

The ACT’s Mature Approach to eGSE

Aug. 8, 2023
Developing the infrastructure needed to support the industry’s migration to electric equipment will require cooperation between all stakeholders.
Waev officials note Li-ion batteries offer sustainability, safety and efficiency benefits as well as charging options and consistent performance in all weather conditions.

Reducing Maintenance Requirements with Li-ion

March 16, 2023
GSE that utilizes lithium-ion batteries are becoming more prolific and offer ground service providers a number of positive benefits.
Cover photos courtesy of Waev Inc., Kalmar Motor, ITW GSE, TLD, Aviogei, JBT and Textron GSE
Cover Portion

Green Solutions

Oct. 20, 2022
How GSE manufacturers are bringing more sustainability to ground handling.

Green Achievements in GSE

Oct. 14, 2021
As several factors across the industry are driving the adoption of electric ground support equipment, many manufacturers are finding success within this segment.
Photo courtesy of PosiCharge
Gse Installation

Green Growth

Oct. 22, 2020
How GSE powered by alternative energy can provide benefits to ground service providers.
Photo courtesy of Flux Power
Justin Forbes

How Lithium-ion Battery Packs can Improve GSE Performance

Sept. 17, 2020
Environmental regulations have been a driver for eGSE conversions, but battery-powered equipment can offer additional benefits.
Photo courtesy of EnerSys
Battery Compartment

Case Study: TPPL Batteries Bolster American’s eGSE

Aug. 13, 2020
Seeking a longer lifespan from its fleet of electric burden carriers, American Airlines found its solution after trialing thin plate pure lead technology.
Photo courtesy of Avro GSE
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Maintaining eGSE

March 19, 2020
Requirements for electric ground support equipment may vary from its diesel counterparts, but proper maintenance must be performed correctly to remain efficient.
Photo courtesy of Allen Energy

Lithium Technology’s Charge into the GSE Market

Oct. 17, 2019
The maintenance-free batteries offer big power in a small footprint while powering environmentally conscious ground handling operations.
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Southwest’s Magic Formula for Refurbs

Dec. 19, 2018
Through a partnership with EPS, PCS and Kubota, the airline has rolled out more than a dozen repowered baggage tractors while establishing a process to better facilitate upgrades...
DSC 0389 5ba292a151bd0

Piedmont’s Electric Experience

Oct. 17, 2018
Since deploying its first units nearly a decade ago, the airline has converted approximately 75 percent of its Charlotte hub’s fleet to eGSE.
Photo courtesy of WestJet
Harlan Global Manufacturing worked with WestJet and Air Canada to replace diesel tractors with lithium-powered electric vehicles.

The Power of Lithium

Feb. 16, 2017
Harlan’s lithium battery-powered tractors have helped WestJet and Air Canada improve air quality in bag rooms while continuing to operate in a harsh climate.