FOD Mitigation

Snow, Ice, & Foreign Object Debris (FOD) Removal

Get Started on a FOD-Free Environment

Feb. 1, 2023
With so many FOD potentials, preventing FOD is a diverse practice with no one-size-fits-all approach. However, there are some general rules of thumb that can help eliminate FOD...
Charlotte County Airport Authority
Charlotte County Airport Authority in February 2022 held a semi-annual FOD Walk, led by airport authority staff in Punta Gorda, Florida. To add a bit of fun, the airport authority on its website names who picked up the most FOD, who was the “Most Dedicated,” and the most interesting FOD (a rabbit carcass).
Snow, Ice, & Foreign Object Debris (FOD) Removal

Keeping Pavement Clear of FOD

Feb. 1, 2023
Following procedures for FOD checks and conducting FOD walks ensure safe aircraft movements.
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Snow, Ice, & Foreign Object Debris (FOD) Removal

The Basics of Foreign Object Debris

Feb. 1, 2023
How to determine what FOD is, common types of FOD and effective ways to spread awareness at your facility.
Assaia Pr Safety Cs Sept
Snow, Ice, & Foreign Object Debris (FOD) Removal

Failing to Perform Routine FOD Checks Can Cause Airports Over $10M in Damages Per Year

A recent study conducted by Assaia International AG showed that an airport with 400,000 aircraft movements per year has on average 40 FOD incidents per year with an associated...
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Ground Handlers & Service Providers

FOD Day at Intercargo

June 23, 2021
Today, Wednesday, June 23, the day of the FOD in Intercargo was celebrated, with a face-to-face conference in Ezeiza in which the Intercargo authorities, operational and administrative...

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Snow, Ice, & Foreign Object Debris (FOD) Removal

FOD-Razor Airport Runway Sweeper

The efficient, portable and affordable method of eliminating Foreign Object Debris (FOD) from runways, taxiways and ramps has no engines or fuel sources to service. The FOD-Razor...
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Snow, Ice, & Foreign Object Debris (FOD) Removal

FOD Sweeper

Oct. 16, 2019
The Holaras FOD sweeper is specially designed for high performance FOD surface cleaning on airports, including runways and platforms, military airfields, motor racing circuits...
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Snow, Ice, & Foreign Object Debris (FOD) Removal

Schwarze A7 Tornado

The A7 Tornado, a superior performance solution for all airport surface cleaning needs including road sweeping, ramp debris and litter removal, high-speed runway sweeping, high...
San Diego Regional Airport Authority
San Diego International Airport crews utilize sweeper trucks during the early morning hours to clear FOD from the runway and taxiways.

Sweep Away Your FOD Issues

Dec. 21, 2018
Picking the best equipment for FOD control means examining the issues you have on your airfield.
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Snow, Ice, & Foreign Object Debris (FOD) Removal

Crosswind FSX

The Elgin Crosswind FSX, which is a regenerative air sweeper with superb pickup at high (FSX) or low speeds is used for runways, aprons, tarmac, or parking lots. The FSX runs...
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Snow, Ice, & Foreign Object Debris (FOD) Removal

FOD Removal

March 7, 2016
The FOD BOSS is the most dependable, cost-effective FOD removal tool. For more information contact Bill at
A baggage handler apparently left behind a luggage scanner, which caused more than $6 million of damage.
Snow, Ice, & Foreign Object Debris (FOD) Removal

Luggage Scanner Causes Significant Damage To British Airways Aircraft

June 24, 2013
After being left on an engine cowling, a luggage scanner was sucked into the engine causing a reported 4 million pounds of damage.