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  • March/April 2021
  • March/April 2021

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    The $7 Million Man

    April 15, 2021
    Political leaders in Las Vegas determined it’s time to take a gamble while they’re down in traffic count and play the high stakes marketing game of renaming the airport.McCarren...
    Burns & McDonnell
    McConnell Air Force Base's new 10-story air traffic control tower was built just feet away from the site of the base's former tower.

    Designing a Modern Lighthouse

    April 15, 2021
    Last year, McConnell Air Force Base received a new and much needed air traffic control tower, replacing its former from the 1950s.
    Blue Sky News/Pittsburgh International Airport
    Honeywell’s Healthy Buildings systems provides a holistic view of a building’s health based on factors such as indoor air quality, occupant flow, PPE analytics, thermal screening, body temperature monitoring, social distancing and sanitation efficacy.
    Airport Technology

    A Brave New World

    April 15, 2021
    Technology plays a key role as airports adjust to a post-pandemic world.
    Norfolk International Airport
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    Passenger Loading Systems, Boarding Bridges, Stairs & Jetways

    Boarding Bridges the Holistic Way

    April 15, 2021
    When Norfolk International Airport needed to replace a majority of their boarding bridges, they chose to take on the project from a holistic approach that proved to save on time...
    Hoyle, Tanner & Associates Inc.
    Hoyle, Tanner, the Airport and NHANG worked together to develop a construction phasing plan that would limit the runway closure time while still providing adequate takeoff and landing lengths.
    Runway Management

    Reconstructing One of New England’s Longest Commercial Service Runways

    April 15, 2021
    In the Fall of 2019, the Pease Development Authority (PDA) undertook a $24 million runway reconstruction project at the Portsmouth International Airport at Pease. This began a...

    More content from March/April 2021

    ABM Aviation
    Frequent cleaning and disinfecting are among the most important, effective, and visible steps that you can take to demonstrate the airport’s commitment to the health and safety of air travelers
    Parking Systems

    A New Normal in Airport Parking and Transportation

    April 15, 2021
    Looking beyond COVID-19 to the rebound in travel.
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    Lighting, Signage, Closure Markings

    Caution: Closure Ahead

    April 15, 2021
    Hali-Brite's RCM-D L-893(L) lighted runway closure marker offers a safer alternative to unlighted options.
    Photos provided by Doug Wilson
    Gateway Aviation Services, the airport-operated FBO, provides all FBO and line services at Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport.
    FBOs & Tenants

    Doing it Right: Public Sector FBOs

    April 15, 2021
    In the years following Charles Lindbergh’s solo crossing of the Atlantic in 1927, he embarked on a promotional campaign across the United States, generating public interest and...
    Brownsville South Padre Island International Airport
    BRO’s T7AMR autonomous floor scrubber.
    Flooring, Floor Sweepers, Cleaners, Sealers

    The Rise of the Robots

    April 15, 2021
    The adoption of autonomous technology has taken off over the past year in part due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Airports are utilizing robots to disinfect their terminals, scrub ...
    In order to effectively alleviate the impact of winter weather while simultaneously remaining in compliance with the upcoming GRF requirements, forward-thinking airports are turning to advanced sensor technology to monitor snow and ice, as well as assess and report runway conditions in real time.
    Snow, Ice, & Foreign Object Debris (FOD) Removal

    Sensor Technology's One-Two Punch: Improving Winter Maintenance Operations and Meeting ICAO GRF Regulations

    April 15, 2021
    As we all know, even a little bit of inclement winter weather can have a significant impact on airport operations and traveler safety. Whether a massive international airport ...
    Granite Inliner
    Airport Image
    Grounds Maintenance & Equipment

    Piping Rehabilitation

    March 18, 2021
    Granite lnliner delivers trenchless piping rehabilitation methodologies to commercial service, primary, and non-primary airports. The company's goal is to provide the airport ...
    Ecobeton Vetrofluid Image
    Taxiway / Ramp Maintenance & Training


    March 12, 2021
    Vetrofluid has 35 years protecting airport runways, tunnels, and parking garage concrete against water intrusion. It penetrates new or existing on average 40mm, increases density...
    Echo Robotics
    Echo Robotics
    Grounds Maintenance & Equipment

    TM-2000 Autonomous Mower

    March 12, 2021
    The ECHO Robotics TM-2000 autonomous mower can cut up to six acres of turf. With remote command and performance monitoring via a web platform and mobile app, it not only simplifies...
    TAC Air
    TAC Air-DAL workers securing the nose wheel for tow.
    Ramp Operations Training

    The Trouble with Tribal Knowledge

    Dec. 17, 2020
    Workers often develop personal ways of operating on a job. While these norms are functional, they are not always safe, with organizations at risk if the unwritten rules overtake...
    FOD Razor single rear view large resolution 591b6c87e4dd6
    Runway Management

    Airport Runway Sweeper

    Suitable for cleaning foreign object debris from runways, taxiways, ramps aprons, helipads, parking areas and other surfaces in or near your flight area.
    Prowler 10797275
    Airports & Municipalities


    Oct. 29, 2012
    The PROWLER is a remote controlled, rotary mower with rubber tracks and a low center of gravity. The mower is ideal for controlling vegetation on slopes up to 50°. The 52” rotary...
    Crosswind Fsx
    Buildings & Maintenance

    Elgin Crosswind FSX

    Aug. 9, 2010
    Elgin Crosswind /Crosswind FSX, which is a regenerative air sweeper with superb pickup at high (FSX) or low speeds. The Crosswind / Crosswind FSX is used for runways, aprons, ...
    Rejuvaseal 10133226


    RejuvaSeal asphalt sealer/rejuvenator for airport runways and taxiways is available from Pavement Rejuvenation International, LP. The three-in-one treatment is designed to seal...