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    P400K Group 5bff040bd8701
    Inspection & Testing

    400Hz Cable Test Kit

    Nov. 28, 2018
    PAGE GSE offers the only complete 400Hz cable test kit in the GSE industry. An essential tool to test and verify the performance and operation of any 400Hz aircraft service cable...
    Grieve 1045 5bff030f2ba39
    Heating/Cooling Equipment

    Horizontal Air Flow Cabinet Oven

    Nov. 28, 2018
    No. 1045 is a 1,250 F (677 C), high temperature horizontal air flow cabinet oven from Grieve, currently used for heat treating. Workspace dimensions of this oven measure 38” W...
    Third Dimension s GapGun can measure the gap and mismatch between body panels 5bff00860cc18

    Aircraft Inspection Tool

    Lockheed Martin incorporates GapGun - Third Dimension’s best-selling hand-held laser measurement system - into its quality inspection process of its F-35 Joint Strike Fighter....
    IMG 1320 5bfefdfe6bb2e
    Inspection & Testing

    Load Bank

    Nov. 28, 2018
    400HZ Repair sells the L80-G Load Bank with a storage cart for the load bank and cable. 400HZ Repair installs, repairs, and load tests all 400 HZ and DC equipment. For more information...
    GS3050 5bfefafd587ad
    Shop Equipment

    Stainless Steel Static Grounding Reel

    Reelcraft’s static discharge reels are used to ground equipment operating in hazardous areas. When properly clamped to the ground, the static discharge reel dissipates static ...

    More content from Winter 2018

    image002 5bfefa1f5fea5

    Tow Vehicle

    Nov. 28, 2018
    The battery-operated EVA series is designed for short towing operations and the movement of fighter aircraft, GSE and equivalent equipment in congested areas. The EVA series tow...
    New TSM kit 5bfef8f3bd3fa
    Cleaners, Polishes

    Carbon Soot Remover and Degreaser

    Turbine Soot Master is a carbon soot remover and degreaser. Real Clean’s noncorrosive formula dissolves exhaust carbon without harming metal or painted aircraft surfaces. No water...
    EXTECH NC HAECOhangar TriadBusinessTimes4 5bfef75c9ddf6
    Hangar & Hangar Doors

    Translucent Wall System

    The LIGHTWALL 3440 interlocking polycarbonate translucent wall system from Exterior Technologies Inc. (EXTECH) contributes to the aesthetic, performance, and sustainability goals...
    SSS6 900x900 bird xdotcom 5bfef5e47bf16
    Wildlife Management

    Stainless Steel Bird Spikes

    Nov. 28, 2018
    Bird spikes are a 100 percent effective, maintenance-free, and permanent solution to pest bird infestation. Physical barriers are the most effective way to keep birds off. Wherever...
    DNA 510 5bfef520f198f
    Cabin Communications

    Mass Notification Announcer

    The DNA-510 is a cost-effective mass notification announcer that provides digitally recorded emergency instructions and alert tones over your existing paging system. The DNA-510...
    Aerotape Inc Ad 5bfef42b76928
    Shop Equipment

    Protective Tape

    Nov. 28, 2018
    AEROTAPE Inc. is your source for all of the Protex brand protective tapes, including Protex 5, 10V, 20V and 8216-2L. Please visit www.aerotape.com to view the additional Protex...
    ZeenKleen F16 Photo 5bfef3438e82b
    Shop Equipment

    Cleaning Solution

    ZeenKleen, manufactured and marketed by Hydrazine Neutralizing Solutions Inc. in Atlanta, GA, can neutralize your Hydrazine or MMH in 30 minutes to nonhazardous levels and completely...
    3000 meter edited 1 5bfef22d4df98

    Electronic Register

    Nov. 28, 2018
    The TCS 3000 electronic register is a fully integrated flow computer that controls all vehicle delivery operations. The open software architecture provides the option of a simple...
    SAM PS Trans 5bfef0a108b6c
    Shop Equipment

    Paint Stripping Machine

    Temple Allen's Paint-Stripping SAM (Standup Abrading Machine), part of the SAM family of ergonomic tools to help artisans get up off their knees, features two 5- or 6-inch random...
    Secure aircraft 300dpi 5bfed8a6d94ce
    Aviation Security

    Handheld Metal/Weapons Detector

    METAL-TEC HS-1500 silent vibrating handheld metal/weapons detector was designed to meet the requirements of the U.S. Military for security applications in the field. Ruggedized...
    SC 100CK 718 M Arrows 5bfed55898f4d
    Shop Equipment

    Handheld Vacuum

    Nov. 28, 2018
    The Scorpion is a pneumatic vacuum that is so small and light it can be carried by hand or worn over the shoulder. Its powerful air motor easily picks up dust and debris, and ...
    FOD Razor FOD Control Corp 300dpi 5bfed21a6addd
    Runway Management

    Runway Sweeper

    Keep your pilots and aircraft safe with the FOD-Razor Airport Runway Sweeper, an efficient, portable and highly affordable system for eliminating foreign object debris (FOD) from...
    Mustang Dreams II by Frank Martin 300 dpi 5bfed0e067bad

    The Art of Aircraft

    Nov. 28, 2018
    The Art of Aircraft pays homage to the visionaries, inventors, engineers, designers, builders, crew, and pilots that create and fly aircraft of all types. We recognize and illustrate...
    Elaflex AircraftRefuelling Military 5bfecf235ff16
    Fueling Equipment & Accessories

    Refueling Hoses

    ELAFLEX has been a trusted aircraft/helicopter refuelling equipment supplier, meeting the relevant international and military standards. Our 'Yellow Band' hose types HD-C, VHD...
    DEKAL PROMO PHOTO 15112018 5bfecdf429797

    Digital Load Banks

    DEKAL engineering team is supplying worldwide armed forces by state-of-the-art 270v DC, 400 Hz AC and 28.5v DC digital load banks with life time spare parts guarantee and triples...

    New Envoy Air Military Transition Program Assists Veteran Mechanics Pursue Commercial Airline Career

    Nov. 28, 2018
    Envoy’s new program is valued at up to $11,000 and will assist eligible candidates with the specialized training needed to obtain their Airframe & Powerplant (A&P) license.
    pce instruments inspection camera pce ve 370hr3 5bfec8a210380

    Four-way Articulating Industrial Borescope

    The PCE-VE 370HR3 is a four-way articulating industrial videoscope for the nondestructive inspection (NDI) of hard-to-reach places. The waterproof camera head features five LED...
    liebherr remote electronic unit reu 5bfec6f0cd66d
    Aircraft Airframe & Accessories

    Versatile Control Unit

    Less weight, faster final assembly, more flexibility: The Remote Electronic Unit developed by Liebherr-Aerospace can be mounted directly in the aircraft wing or on actuators, ...
    SW MIL Extreme Weatherability 5bfec60adfebe

    Topcoat Systems for Military Aircraft

    Sherwin-Williams Aerospace offers topcoat systems for military aircraft: Gloss, Semi-gloss and Lusterless finishes. Latest glossy exterior military aerospace coating is high performance...
    HL2020 USA 110025597 5b857da2114e6
    Hand Tools

    Electronically Controlled Heat Tool

    Aug. 28, 2018
    Experts prefer the sturdy HL 2020 E heat gun. This electronically controlled heat tool delivers 1,600 watts of power, regulates temperature between 120 to 1,150 F and provides...
    IMG 0033 5b85b975d5b37
    Safety Equipment

    Smoke Hood

    Elmridge Protection produces the iEvac Smoke/Fire Hood, certified to the American national standard ASTM E2952 for air-purifying respiratory protective smoke escape devices. iEvac...
    SNAPn SAFE emilitary image 59235305b6bde
    Aviation Security

    Breakaway Devices for Airfield Perimeter Fencing

    The Snap'n Safe breakaway devices are approved by the FAA as a frangible connection as stated in the Advisory Circular 150/5220-23. The frangibility connection performance has...
    More Logo 5b0eb231ddb20
    Aircraft Engines

    Extend Engine TBO

    Oct. 18, 2016
    MORE Company Inc. provides eight FAA approved Supplemental Type Certificates (STCs) for certain models of PT6A engines to extend the engine TBO to 8,000 hours. The MORE STC uses...
    F16cover 5a83198291ea4
    Aircraft Airframe & Accessories

    Protective Covers

    Its patented crosslink foam covers provide protection for trailing edges, wing tips, prop tips, antenna and more.