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    SpectrOilM N 5b85beed2c763
    Inspection & Testing

    Military-Application Elemental Analyzers

    Aug. 28, 2018
    Spectro Scientific has an updated and improved version of its SpectrOil M Elemental Analyzer, the military version of the renowned SpectrOil family of oil and fuel analysis spectrometer...
    Fuel Systems

    Aircraft Fuel Repair

    Performance Aircraft Services is an FAA repair station (#P8FR496J) with 25 years of experience in aircraft fuel repair. Capabilities include overnight line service, on-site facility...
    Altus PHX 5b85a4a7af1d3

    Fast Charge System

    Altus is an outdoor rated universal fast charge system specifically designed for aviation electric ground support equipment (GSE) and the harsh environments in which they operate...
    EACR2405 46 8 A3 GPU Reel 5b85a294dce26

    Ground Power Unit Reel

    Reelcraft’s new GPU reels are designed for commercial, private or military aircraft needs, helping make your unit more efficient and safe. The GPU reels offer the convenience ...
    IMG 3110 5b85a1b83a8e8
    Baggage Handling Equipment & Accessories

    Baggage Cart Covers

    Aug. 28, 2018
    Canvas Plus provides GSE covers with a lifetime warranty. With ultimate protection and care for passengers and their property being the focus of every airline, the need for covers...

    More content from Fall 2018

    Liftsafe Group of Companies
    engine access lp 2 5b85a0909c00a
    Safety Equipment

    Engine Access Stand

    The Aircraft Maintenance and Engine Access Stand-06 is designed with an adjustable scissor lift base to provide the height required to access the outboard engines and pylons on...
    Hatz 3H50TIC 2 Tier IV Final 5b859e039bb36
    GSE Parts & Components

    Three-Cylinder Engine

    Through an innovative downsizing approach, Hatz made its three-cylinder 3H50 engines the lightest and most compact in its class. With a maximum output of 56 hp, these liquid-cooled...
    CJ Multi Stage Tripod 12 Ton 5b859b04d89b1
    Shop Equipment

    Multi-Stage Tripod Jack

    This was designed for the Navy Fleet to cover all their aircraft. Columbus Jack is the largest supplier of hydraulic jacks to the U.S. military and a leading supplier of hydraulic...
    USATS 5b859940dbbeb

    Tow Tractor/Carrier

    The Eagle USATS is a combination aircraft tow tractor and burden carrier, created based on the Army’s need for a multi-functional vehicle. The USATS features up to 8,000 pounds...
    HG 2320E Hauptbild black USA 5b857cba4a8d2
    Hand Tools

    Heat Gun

    Aug. 28, 2018
    Cutting-edge technology for perfect results: The HG 2320 E generates an impressive 1,600 watts of power and delivers hot air between 120 and 1,200 F. Temperature is very easy ...
    Airport Plow polyurethane edge 5b846f33ba2de
    Snow, Ice, & Foreign Object Debris (FOD) Removal

    Polyurethane Snowplow Cutting Edges

    Aug. 27, 2018
    FallLine polyurethane snowplow cutting edges enable airfield maintenance departments to efficiently accomplish their snow removal efforts. FallLine’s cutting edges have been in...
    ZennKleen AF Ad Logo Artwork 5b846d542cac6
    Chemicals & Solvents

    Neutralizing Solutions

    Hydrazine Neutralizing Solutions Inc. (HNSI) manufactures and markets ZeenKleen used in completely neutralizing your F16 EPU hydrazine or Minuteman III MMH to nondetectable www...
    AKV Logo 5b7ddedfa41fa
    Aircraft Engines

    Engine Cycle Counter

    Aug. 22, 2018
    AKV Inc. manufactures a line of popular engine cycle counters for the Arriel 1, LTS101 series, T53 and T55 cycle with the Arriel 1 counters for the AS350 and EC145 (Lakota LUH...
    IMG 0033 5b85b975d5b37
    Safety Equipment

    Smoke Hood

    Elmridge Protection produces the iEvac Smoke/Fire Hood, certified to the American national standard ASTM E2952 for air-purifying respiratory protective smoke escape devices. iEvac...
    Viking X 35 SS 5b7ddb91c92a9
    Cabin Communications

    Video Entry Phone

    The X-35-SS is a Video Entry Phone designed to provide HD video and reliable hands-free voice communication for SIP VoIP phone systems and cloud providers. The built-in IP video...
    AirlineDrawerKioskAd 5b7dd9f3d6089
    Airport Technology

    Automated Checkout Kiosks

    One-of-a-kind LaptopsAnytime drawer checkout kiosks make self-service laptop/tablet availability a reality with accountability and sophisticated management capability. Equally...
    SEI BATT 5bd21057af46d
    Fueling Equipment & Accessories

    Bulk Aviation Transport Tank

    Aug. 22, 2018
    SEI Industries’ BATT is a collapsible tank for transporting fuel in an aircraft. The patented baffling system of the inner tank (US Patent No. 10029848), the sturdy fabric of...
    SEI Aviation Pump Cart with hose 5b7dd5e195e5c
    Fueling Equipment & Accessories

    Aviation Pump Cart

    Aug. 22, 2018
    Designed for superior mobility around unimproved runways at remote airport locations, the Aviation Pump Cart allows one person to easily move the pump and its hoses over rough...
    Intellicheck3 5afdda04c81d9
    Fueling Equipment & Accessories

    Fuel Monitoring System

    The new Scully Intellicheck 3 Dual-Level Monitor System meets the recently revised National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA 407) and Joint Inspection Group (JIG2) standards. It monitors...
    F 22 72kW wAGE Logo 5bd22e4d19998
    GPUs, PCAs, Power Carts & Accessories

    Diesel Power Cart

    Aviation Ground Equipment Corp. adds the 72 kW Diesel Power Cart to its product offering. This low-cost, hardened cart, is designed to operate in the most stringent military theaters...
    CJtripod 5a85ea9b19897

    12-Ton Multi-Stage Tripod Jack

    Tronair's tripod jacks meet or exceed all known commercial and military requirements and specifications, and are cycle tested, load tested and proof-load tested to ensure the ...
    Raisbecke 5a85e84d938fc

    Expand Mission Capabilities

    Expand your King Air mission capabilities with Raisbeck’s Performance Systems. Individually designed to improve performance, efficiency, operational flexibility, comfort and safety...
    5J21 Olive 5b85972dc7d68

    Hydraulic Power Units

    Feb. 14, 2018
    Tronair has an extensive line of hydraulic power unit (HPU) products for military helicopter and airplane applications. Tronair’s quality, value and service create dependable ...
    Malabar759A 5a0371dad869a
    Shop Equipment

    Jacks For P-8A Maintenance

    Malabar has a group of products for the P-8A Poseidon and similarly sized aircraft. The 759A 50-ton fixed height tripod jack, 714A 12-ton variable height tripod jack and 50P9AR...
    HDCD 28300 DPI 29 59e65a320b139
    Fueling Equipment & Accessories

    Cowl Pump-Thrust Reverser Service Cart

    Oct. 17, 2017
    The Flightmaster cowl pump/thrust reverser servicing cart is custom designed for durability, reliability and superior performance. All FluidTran ground support equipment is hand...
    TD500IDF HS 300dpi 599ef19165f73

    Portable Standalone Heater

    Aug. 24, 2017
    Portable heater is designed to preheat engines and thaw frozen hydraulics or doors.
    More Logo 5b0eb231ddb20
    Aircraft Engines

    Extend Engine TBO

    Oct. 18, 2016
    MORE Company Inc. provides eight FAA approved Supplemental Type Certificates (STCs) for certain models of PT6A engines to extend the engine TBO to 8,000 hours. The MORE STC uses...
    F16cover 5a83198291ea4
    Aircraft Airframe & Accessories

    Protective Covers

    Its patented crosslink foam covers provide protection for trailing edges, wing tips, prop tips, antenna and more.