Jettainer and B2L Breathing New Life into Old ULDs

Aug. 8, 2022

Jettainer is giving a second life to retired air cargo containers. The robust materials used in unit load devices (ULDs) are being turned into fashionable shoulder bags and keychains that are now available for purchase. The international leader in ULD management has forged a partnership with the upcycling specialist B2L and will enhance the product variety in the future.

The bags and keychains are made out of old ULDs that are no longer suitable for aviation, so they have to be taken out of service. These items are manufactured, for instance, from original air cargo container tarpaulins and belts, making them incredibly robust and easy to wash.

B2L and Jettainer have previously worked as project partners and are ramping up their cooperation with this new three-year contract. Kerstin Rank, B2L’s Managing Director, noted, “We have already upcycled more than 145 tons of material from aviation since our company was founded 11 years ago. We look forward to expanding our portfolio and giving a second life to Jettainer’s retired ULDs. Along with the bags, we have already come up with lots of other ideas for creative and sustainable items.”

Jettainer is helping to make aviation more resource-friendly and environmentally sound with its global management services for innovative, lightweight ULDs. “The conscientious and careful use of resources is an integral element of our corporate philosophy. So we are really excited that our containers can keep travelling around the globe, even once they are retired, thanks to upcycling,” added Thorsten Riekert, chief sales officer at Jettainer.