Jettainer Experiencing Growing Demand for Leasing Services

Sept. 29, 2021
Jettainer has ramped up its services and responded to growing demand for short-term and long-term rentals with lease&fly.

The air cargo market is picking up again – and with it, demand for unit load devices (ULD). Jettainer, a global leader in ULD management, has ramped up its services and responded to growing demand for short-term and long-term rentals with lease&fly. Along with standard ULDs, customers are also interested in special containers like horse stalls and, increasingly, car racks, too. Jettainer makes these units available for ad-hoc uses lasting a single day to a period of several months. Effective immediately, long-term leasing customers will also reap the rewards of the company’s global repair network.

Cargo and passenger airlines lease ULDs to cope with changes on the market that happen at very short notice. Airlines that are ramping up their cargo operations or carrying out ad-hoc charters also benefit from Jettainer's flexible ULD services. As an extension of the previous service JettLease, ULDs can be delivered and returned not only within the lease&fly network in Frankfurt and Abu Dhabi, but also optionally at any other location within the network. Customers opting for a long-term rental lasting longer than six months will also now benefit from Jettainer's wide-reaching repair network of almost 50 stations. The global leader in ULD management will provide complete repair management services to find the best solution for customers – no matter where the damaged container is located.

"Demand for ULD leasing has grown sharply – for both ad-hoc use and, in particular, for longer-term leasing services for the most varied types of ULDs. This realization prompted us to put our services on a broader footing with lease&fly so that we can provide outstanding service to our current customers and a growing number of new clients," remarked Thomas Sonntag, Jettainer's managing director.

In addition to standard containers and pallets, the ULD specialist's portfolio of products includes a wide variety of specialty containers, such as car racks and a new addition – fully collapsible horse stalls. Up to three equines can fit into Jettainer's comfortable horse boxes. Their unique design has an especially wide ramp, making it easy for animals to enter the box. The boxes also have an adjustable partition at the top that creates visual separation between the animals. If the horsebox has to come back empty, it can be collapsed easily and stacked using its special foldable drop-top mechanism. This allows four boxes to be stacked and transported in the lower deck.