Avoid These 7 Common Aircraft Towing Mistakes

May 3, 2024
At the top of the list of mistakes is skipping safety checks. Towing equipment needs to be checked to ensure safety.
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In the aviation industry, safety is non-negotiable. Special care must be taken when towing aircraft at a fixed-base operator (FBO).

According to Pete Johnson, director of sales and service, Americas, Aero Specialties, the most common mistakes made when towing aircraft are:

1.     Skipping safety checks on towing equipment.

2.     Ignoring communication protocols.

3.     Taking shortcuts in maneuvering.

4.     Overlooking environmental factors.

5.     Improper use of equipment.

6.     Lack of training or experience.

7.     Rushing procedures at the expense of safety.

“Avoiding these shortcuts and mistakes is crucial to ensure safe aircraft towing operations,” advises Johnson.

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