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General Manager Appointed at Dunlop Taikoo

David joins the tyre distribution and retreading facility, based in Fujian Province, China, from aircraft engineering company HAECO-Xiamen

François Michelin Dies

François Michelin headed the company for 47 years, he was 89
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Michelin Earns ‘Supplier of the Year’ Recognition from Boeing

Michelin’s partnership with Boeing applies to a large portion of the Boeing product range: the Boeing 737, the world’s best-selling aircraft, the 777, well-known to passengers...
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Desser Tire & Rubber Co. Acquires UK Based Aircraft Tire Specialist Watts Aviation

Located in Gloucestershire, England, Watts distributes a broad range of tires and tubes for aviation as an authorized distributor for major tire brands.
Michelin Aircraft Tire Company
Figure 5: Pressure Monitoring Action Chart
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How Does Tire Pressure Maintenance Impact Aircraft Safety?

March 20, 2015
Making sure that the aircraft tires are properly inflated is a crucial part of preflight and routine service checks which can go a long way to maximizing tire utilization and ...