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New Purdue Research Building will Offer a World’s First in Hypersonic Testing, Materials Development

July 28, 2021
Imagine an aircraft flying 2,800 miles across the United States in only 15 minutes. A state-of the-art building ready for construction at Purdue University will provide the facilities...
Canadian Airports Online College
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The Canadian Airports Online College Launches Final Installment of TP312 Program

The Canadian Airports Online College (CAOC) has released TP312 Course 7, the final installment in the TP312 5th Edition Training Program. The 17-hour online program will help ...
Education & Training

Tulsa Tech Students Seek Help to Meet Critical Need

March 3, 2021
The need for qualified health care workers is more evident not only across Oklahoma, but nationwide. Tulsa Tech is training students to step in and fill that void. Clinical hours...
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Hodges University to Award Credit for Pilot Licenses and Ratings

Florida Aviation Academy flight training students may now receive credit towards a Bachelor of Science Degree at Hodges University for FAA licenses and ratings earned. Students...
Purdue University
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Turbulence Model Could Help Design Aircraft Capable of Handling Extreme Scenarios

Jan. 21, 2021
In 2018, passengers onboard a flight to Australia experienced a terrifying 10-second nosedive when a vortex trailing their plane crossed into the wake of another flight. The collision...