Liberty Progresses Retrofit Kit for Improved TSA Airport Security Checkpoint Passenger Screening

May 8, 2023

Liberty Defense Holdings Ltd., a leading technology provider of artificial intelligence- (AI)-based next generation detection solutions for concealed weapons and threats, announces that the company is making progress on the development of a High-Definition Advanced Imaging Technology (HDAIT) upgrade kit as part of its contract award with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).

As previously announced, the total award to Liberty Defense for the HD-AIT development is $1.75M over 18 months.

The HD-AIT next-generation people screening technology platform for threat detection uses millimeter wave, high-definition imaging, and AI to produce greater detection and lower false alarm rates for a better passenger experience.

"The TSA has over one thousand AIT systems at U.S. airports that may require an upgrade to enhance detection and lower false alarm rates, which would lead to higher throughput and a better passenger experience," said Bill Frain, CEO of Liberty Defense.

Liberty was also previously awarded a development contract by TSA for the HEXWAVE, with the HEXWAVE selected for demonstration and evaluation in screening aviation workers at TSA-designated locations to enhance security detection and throughput performance.