Breeze Trebles Florida Service This Winter, Announces Two New Routes: New City Plattsburgh-Montreal to Orlando and Portland, ME, to Fort Myers

Oct. 4, 2023

 Breeze Airways is trebling its service to Florida this winter year over year, adding 19 new routes to the sunshine state within the next two months. In addition to 17 routes already on sale, the airline is announcing today new service from Plattsburgh, NY, just south of Montreal, to Orlando - and from Portland, ME, to Fort Myers, both starting in November.

From Plattsburgh, NY:

  • Orlando, FL** (Thursdays, Sundays and Tuesdays, starting November 28, Nice from $59* one way).

From Portland, ME:

  • Fort Myers, FL** (Winter/Spring Seasonal service, Wednesdays and Saturdays, starting November 15, Nice from $89* one way).

“North Country families: prepare for takeoff because new air service is coming to Plattsburgh. I am proud to have helped land Breeze Airways in Plattsburgh to help the local North Country economy soar to new heights and better connect the region with the key destinations,” said New York Senator Chuck Schumer. “Breeze Airways’ continued expansion in Upstate New York is blowing a gust of fresh air into new affordable air service for Plattsburgh and families across the North Country. The federal funds I have worked hard to deliver will keep Plattsburgh International in stellar shape, and I am glad that Breeze has heeded my call to take flight in the North Country; the sky is the limit and I will keep fighting to help the North Country grow.”

“Plattsburgh becomes our fourth airport in New York State, but the first with a large international appeal,” said Tom Doxey, Breeze Airways’ President. “Montreal is just over the border and we expect to attract many Canadian travelers, keen to drive to Plattsburgh for cheaper fares, along with the residents of the Adirondack Coast. We look forward to welcoming both communities and introducing all to the Breeze experience. Orlando is just the start for us in Plattsburgh. We expect to add several more routes in the near future.”

Breeze now serves seven destinations in Florida from 19 cities across the US, with service to Fort Myers, Jacksonville, Orlando, Sarasota/Bradenton, Tampa, Vero Beach, and West Palm Beach.

This winter Breeze will fly three times last year's service to Florida. In 2022, Breeze flew 492 flights to and from the Sunshine State, connecting 21 city pairs. This year, the airline will operate 1,402 flights, between 51 city pairs -- an increase of 185 percent.

With the announcement today of Breeze’s newest city, Plattsburgh, NY, also known as Montreal’s U.S. Airport, Breeze expands its reach in New York State but also, for the first time, is appealing to international travelers. Montreal residents have long crossed the border to secure lower air fares, such as the introductory fare of $59* one way to Orlando.

Breeze began service to Portland, ME in May this year and, with the new route to Fort Myers, now will connect Maine with three Florida destinations with its existing service to Tampa and Orlando.

The introductory fares for both new routes are available for purchase through September 18, for travel through April 30, 2024.    

This Fall, the carrier is adding 19 new routes to Florida from 13 cities.

19 New Routes to Florida

  • Portland, ME – Orlando, FL (started September 6);

  • Raleigh-Durham, NC – Tampa, FL (started September 7);

  • New Orleans, LA – Orlando, FL (starts September 22);

  • Charleston, WV – Tampa, FL (starts October 4);

  • Pittsburgh, PA – Tampa, FL (starts October 5);

  • Columbus, OH – Tampa, FL (starts October 6);

  • New Orleans, LA – Fort Myers, FL (starts November 2);

  • Norfolk, VA – Fort Myers, FL (starts November 2);

  • Providence, RI – Vero Beach, FL (starts November 2);

  • Providence, RI – Jacksonville, FL (starts November 3);

  • Pittsburgh, PA – Fort Myers, FL (starts November 15);

  • Portland, ME – Fort Myers, FL (starts November 15);

  • Richmond, VA – Fort Myers, FL (starts November 15);

  • Akron-Canton, OH – Fort Myers, FL (starts November 16);

  • Columbus, OH – Fort Myers, FL (starts November 16);

  • Louisville, KY – Fort Myers, FL (starts November 16);

  • Raleigh-Durham, NC – Fort Myers, FL (starts November 17);

  • Syracuse, NY – Fort Myers, FL (starts November 17); and

  • Plattsburgh, NY – Orlando, FL (starts November 28).

“With our expansion in Florida, Breeze now offers the most Florida destinations from six cities in our network” said Tom Doxey, Breeze Airways’ President. “And we’re excited to welcome new snowbird Guests from Montreal soon too.”

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