Arconas Launches Hopscotch Furniture Collection Featuring Seating, Power and Lighting

Nov. 23, 2020

Arconas launches ‘Hopscotch’, a new furniture collection of seating, power and lighting for public interiors. Designed by award winning global design studio REPUBLIC OF II BY IV, the Hopscotch collection is a series of innovative and streamlined modular components inspired by minimal yet playful playground sketches.

Hopscotch consists of three components: the ‘Hop’ bench, ‘Surge’ power station and ‘Beacon’ light station. This seating system inspires diverse social interactions and is suitable for an expansive range of areas and public spaces. All three pieces can be connected together to create various linear configurations or can be installed separately.

The Hop bench is characterized by its effortless, minimalistic and sculptural design. The high-performance bench features full upholstery over plush padding for a comfortable seating experience and a robust structure designed to withstand high-impact spaces.

The Surge power station was designed as a place to charge personal electronic devices and can be used as a table or work surface. The power station features eight USB ports, four AC plugs and two wireless charging spots. All power options can be accessed on either side so users can charge their devices in whichever way is most convenient.

The Beacon light station is a triangular LED floor lamp created to softly illuminate public spaces. The light also serves as a directional guidepost, enabling the seating system to be noticed from a distance. Beacon can be placed in a space by itself, or beside other furniture configurations to provide direction or symbolize a meeting point.

An aluminum extrusion, capped with die cast fittings, hugs the base of each component for ease of maintenance and durability. The base is available in a matte black powder coat or polished aluminum finish.

“The Hopscotch collection offers a myriad of combinations, provides a touch of luxury to public space furnishing, and makes comfort available to all users. This is high density seating with a modern touch,” says Keith Rushbrook, Partner, REPUBLIC OF II BY IV.

“The collection is purposefully fabricated to the highest standards of durability, comfort, and safety to satisfy the needs of transportation terminals and public spaces. The multiple configuration options provide flexibility to create customized social stations – which include but are not limited to – temporary waiting areas, short-term work spaces, charging stations, reading zones, coffee corners, and conversational hubs,” says Pablo Reich, Executive Vice President of Arconas.