Billy Bishop Airport Installs Xovis 3D Sensors To Improve Operations and Passenger Journey

March 10, 2022

Xovis, an international market leader for intelligent people flow solutions in airports worldwide, is excited to announce its expansion at Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport, Canada's ninth-busiest airport. Since 2018, Xovis has been working closely with Nieuport Aviation, the terminal owner and operator, by providing its best-in-class 3D sensors and software at check-in, security, boarding gates and throughout its departure lounges to monitor people flow, occupancy, and throughput. And most recently, Xovis has expanded its footprint to the international arrivals hall by providing AI sensor technology to measure spatial occupancy and capacity in the arrivals area.

Centrally located in downtown Toronto, Billy Bishop Airport offers flights to more than 20 cities in Canada and the U.S. and welcomed 2.8 million business and leisure travelers each year pre-COVID. At Billy Bishop Airport, the Xovis Passenger Flow Management System receives data streams from the sensors and provides airport personnel with valuable Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) such as wait times, and passenger throughput. The KPIs are visualized on an intuitive dashboard, enabling the airport to:

• Quickly identify crowded areas, bottlenecks, and desk utilization in the check-in area

• Measure, predict, alert on, and report out exceptional waits in real-time at security (via email / text)

• Playback the entire operation: data can be replayed simultaneously from multiple process points to identify the cause of an issue, including fill level measurements for the departure lounges and various areas in the Terminal

“Billy Bishop Airport is a unique facility with consistent passenger growth thanks to its incredible location right at the foot of the city center, but such a location also constrains the airport from expanding its physical footprint the way other airports can do,” said Cody Shulman, market expert, People Flow for Xovis. “As a result, it has been particularly exciting to help them grow with a digital footprint at the Terminal – Xovis sensor technology and software provides them eyes and ears throughout the terminal, giving personnel a data-driven and detailed analysis of people flow to maximize their physical assets and resources from curb to gate. After all, comfortable and relaxed passengers statistically spend more money once they’re through the check-in and security screening processes. It’s a win-win for the Airport and travelers.”

“As owners and operators of the passenger terminal at the Airport, Nieuport Aviation saw significant value in investing in technology, which would further support the efficient operations of the terminal and enhance the passenger experience,” said Neil Pakey, CEO Nieuport Aviation (owners and operators of the passenger terminal).