Woosmap and GrayMatter Announce Partnership

Aug. 10, 2022

Passengers travelling via International Indian Airports will soon experience an easier journey with Woosmap’s Indoor mapping platform which is integrated in GrayMatter’s Skateboard, an end-to-end digital airport solution.

According to a study by Priority Pass, more than 60% of passengers were most stressed about being stuck on the way to the airport and not making the flight. Woosmap powered interactive indoor maps address this problem by alerting passengers with information on their flight and by providing intuitive navigation. Thus, it will give them the flexibility to know when to leave home and free up time for enjoying many of the services that international airports offer. This was achieved by combining the Woosmap Geofencing SDK and Woosmap Indoor solutions.

Woosmap creates a continuum of digital experiences which extend inside locations including train stations, airports, department stores, hospitals and university campuses.