Keep Customers Satisfied to Retain a Positive Public Image

May 24, 2017
Some unpleasant headlines have served as a reminder about how important it is to resolve conflicts and seek ways to avoid them.

The Ground Support Worldwide team is wrapping up our award season, having traveled to present our final award this month. So now we get a little break from running around (well, about two weeks).  No, I will not ruin the surprise by telling you who received the Lifetime Achievement Award. You’ll have to wait until the June/July issue to find out.

During our recent travel, the airlines have been in the news. While aviation is always in the news, this time it has not been how we, as an industry, would like to be perceived. In this day and age, everyone is ready and willing to put everything on the Internet … and I do mean everything.

The way we conduct customer service has changed. People want instant gratification, and if something doesn’t go their way, then they are ready to let the entire world know.

On our most recent trip, a flight was delayed. We were given the option to schedule a different flight and be on our merry way. For me, it was no big deal, these things happen. For another group of passengers who were checking into the flight at the same time, well, they were having a melt-down. They complained at the kiosk (not sure how that helped) that someone was going to fix this, or someone was going to hear about it. I understand the frustration, but when flying there is only so much in your control.

Hopefully, we have put all this crazy stuff behind us, and we can move on. But please always remember that customer satisfaction is critical, because people are just waiting to record the next big mistake.