JSfirm.com Integrates LinkedIn Profiles

Aug. 28, 2013
Using JSfirm.com, job seekers can apply for jobs by importing their LinkedIn profile and uploading a resume

FORT WORTH, Texas -- JSfirm.com Manager Jeff Richards announced today their integration with LinkedIn.  “We have integrated LinkedIn with the job application process allowing job seekers to easily import their profiles. LinkedIn is a recruiting playground and JSfirm.com has taken full advantage of this,” Richards said.

"JSfirm.com's  new job-seeker memberships have increased 126%,” Richards stated. “With the new LinkedIn integration and the fact that passive job seekers can now store their resumes on the cloud with us, we expect our resume database to triple.  Aviation companies looking for employees are seeing the immediate impact.” 

How does it work?  “When a job seeker finds a job on JSfirm.com, they can apply by importing their LinkedIn profile and uploading their resume to our cloud server.  Hiring aviation companies find these job seekers by searching the resume database online or sending them their job notifications directly through JSfirm.com. Simple and effective,” Richards said.

About JSfirm.com

JSfirm.com reports it is the largest aviation job distribution network in the world.  Founded in 1999, they have been providing service to the aviation industry for over 10 years.  JSfirm.com is a free service to Job Seekers.  The company’s comprehensive website includes access to job postings, direct email of new employment opportunities, free resume builder and networking tools.  Companies receive direct access to resumes, management tools, and unlimited job postings with multiple user capabilities and a dedicated Account Manager to help plan a company’s candidate search program.  

For more information, visit: www.jsfirm.com or call 724-547-6203.