E-Pulse Pumps Deliver Higher Flow, Convenience and Durability

April 16, 2020

The Enerpac series of E-Pulse Hydraulic Pumps represent the best combination of innovative features and technologies. From its high performance, impressive durability and end-user convenience, it can help you work more effectively.

The new ‘Smart Controls’ enable the motor to maintain constant power and provide higher flow than traditional one-half horsepower pumps, and an adjustable speed control provides extraordinary precision as needed.


A high-efficiency, .85hp direct-drive motor offers a six-piston block design that provides even flow and smooth operation of tools. Models offer a choice of five valves – 3/2 jog, 4/3 jog, 3/2 dump-and-hold, 3/2 dump and 4/2 torque wrench. Flow at rated pressure is 32 in3/minute with a maximum operating pressure of 10,000 PSI. Other features include a 24V DC power regulator, built-in thermal protection, a 20-ft. pendant cord on the torque wrench pump and a 10-ft pendant cord on the other four pumps. All models come with a convenient cord management system.

Interactive Pendant

The E-Pulse Hydraulic Pumps feature a new interactive pendant that delivers visual and tactile feedback, programming and diagnostic status to the operator. The innovative, IP 67-rated pendant can be stored in the handle of the pump and is secured via magnet.

Torque Wrench Pump

User can set pressure and operate in manual or an intelligent auto-cycle mode that enables press and release actuation to cycle wrench until final torque is achieved.


The pumps feature an IP 54-rated durable aluminum housing enclosing the system components for maximum protection and easy service accessibility. The torque wrench pump comes with a pre-calibrated, 4-inch gauge and features an integrated heat exchanger that cools the pump during operation. Also has impact absorbing, vibration dampening feet and integrated roll-cage design.


  • Easy access to internal components
  • Draining oil not required for pump element maintenance
  • 4-inch gauge with Enerpac Spee-D-Coupler on Torque Wrench Pump
  • Pre-calibrated gauge, includes certificate
  • Six-piston block design provides even flow for smooth operation of tool
  • Piston blocks can be replaced individually
  • Convenient oil fill port
  • Oil level indicator
  • No adjustment, automatic breather with filter