40” Wide Scissor Deck Models for Heli Maintenance

Nov. 16, 2015

Easy Access Industrial Design is now shipping 40-inch wide deck models. Scissor Decks are spring assisted manual lift platforms which set up or fold down in seconds. Scissor Decks may be joined together in line or on 90 degree angles for wrap around applications. Product features include: multi height adjustability, deck side or end mounted extension ladder, non-slip deck surface, locking wheels or stand version. Scissor Decks have handrail options to suit every application. Deployable option with removable lower legs to fit tight cargo spaces. Available in four models with max deck height up to 6 feet 10 inches and deck width to 40 inches. For more information visit Scissordeck.com. You may also view short video clips by keying in ‘Scissor Deck’ on YouTube. Scissor Decks are made in Canada.