Open-end style wrenches

Nov. 18, 2011

Wright Tool Co. offers WrightGrip, an innovative, high-strength, anti-slip design on the manufacturer’s open-end style wrenches. The design is now available on Wright Tool open-end and combination wrenches in a range of metric sizes from 7 to 24 mm. This feature ensures that the open-end wrench fits more snugly on the fastener, preventing the jaws from spreading and keeping the wrench from slipping. WrightGrip has up to 50 percent more strength than traditional Wright open-end wrenches, and is up to 80 percent stronger than comparable competitors’ wrenches. The design incorporates a series of strategically placed teeth or grooves on the insides of the wrench’s two jaws. These teeth allow for a better seating of the wrench on a fastener. One fastener corner locks into the groove so the fastener won’t slip or twist out of the wrench under load. The WrightGrip design also includes a slight enlargement of the wrench opening’s back end. The additional metal in this high-stress area helps to stiffen the wrench jaws, thus decreasing the chance of their spreading under heavy loads. In addition, the shape of the wrench’s back end is modified. The modified U-shape design further reduces stress and improves performance. Traditional open-end wrench designs sometimes allow a fastener to pivot about one of its outer corners, thus causing the fastener to move outward. The result is that the fastener makes contact further out on the wrench which can cause the jaws to spread. For more information call (800) 321-2902 or visit