A Place for Everything and Everything in its Place

Aug. 20, 2020
Asset management is safety management.

The integrity of a mechanic’s toolbox and tools, especially in the aviation industry, is extremely vital for foreign object debris (FOD) prevention. Aircraft maintenance professionals must ensure that no tools are left in the aircraft or engine after maintenance is performed. Asset management aside, the importance of keeping tools where they need to be is essential for risk management and, if not assessed properly, could have catastrophic results.

“For our automotive customers, organization and efficiency are directly related to revenue and productivity, which is their main goal,” explained Colby McConnell, founder and president of Sonic Tools. “However, we know with our aviation customers how important organization and efficiency are for FOD prevention. The main reason aviation mechanics should keep an organized and efficient work system is for safety. Each industry is different, but at the end-of-day it’s about the bottom line: Revenue, productivity, risk management and cost associated with that risk.”

Taking Care of Your Assets

If a maintenance facility does not prioritize organization and tool control, it runs the risk of losing tools. For an A&P, losing a tool could mean they left it in an engine, resulting in a much bigger safety problem than just a missing tool.

FOD prevention and tool control can be made simple with the right structure in place. One such option is with the Sonic Foam System, which has laser etching options available for any of its tools, for even better control and serialization.

"Sonic makes tool control as simple as opening a drawer,” noted McConnell. “Our Sonic Foam System comes with inventory control sheets that assist the technician in keeping track of their tools. We also offer laser etching services for serialization of tools, which is perfect for larger facilities where multiple technicians are working out of one toolbox.”

Everything in its Place

The Sonic Foam System is CNC machined foam inlay that goes inside the toolbox drawers. It is chemical resistant and labeled for tool locations with a two-tone color scheme for a quick, easy survey of tools. Every Sonic Foam System includes a printed inventory control book that has a list of each tool in the foam. This allows the technician to ensure all of the tools are in the right place and are not missing.

Independent time efficiency studies have confirmed the effectiveness of the Sonic Foam System. “The retrieval and return of tools are found to be 20% faster using our system, as well as 78% faster for inventory control and an 80% reduction in misplaced tools,” McConnell stated. “This study shows that our solutions create premium workplaces that in turn leads to ultimate workflow improving productivity and efficiency.”

McConnell says the Sonic Foam System is tested and proven to save time for technicians by reducing the risk of misplaced tools. One of the company’s aviation partners is Piedmont Airlines. When Sonic Tools partnered with Piedmont, they were looking for a recognized company that had a proven quality, trusted warranty process and a customer experience they could rely on.

“They’ve counted on us to provide them with the tools they need to do their job the best they can,” he stated. “Our organizational solutions are unrivaled and we know the importance of organization in the aircraft maintenance industry, which makes us a trusted partner for some of the best aviation enterprises in the world.”

A Little Background

Sonic Tools was launched in North America in 2015 with European Roots and an established clientele in the automotive OEM, aftermarket and dealership networks.

With this strong foundation, Sonic Tools USA decided to provide an alternative solution for asset management within the United states and go after two specific marketplaces. Aviation MRO’s and Part 147 schools, as well as automotive dealerships and manufacturers. The automotive industry was just the beginning for Sonic. The company also services education, manufacturing and agricultural industries.

“Our Aviation A&P solutions are designed and manufactured by Sonic Tools to fill the missing piece for aviation technicians and students who are starting their journey as A&P technicians,” explained McConnell. “We created comprehensive solutions with direction from aviation industry experts. We began offering basic, intermediate and advanced solutions fitting the needs of aviation technicians at any level starting in 2016. Our solutions are perfect for anyone working on any aircraft and are the perfect foundation for every rising and experienced A&P technician to perform efficiently.”