Flux Lithium-Ion Batteries to Power Major GSE Order

Feb. 23, 2018
The order was facilitated by Flux’s GSE distribution partner Averest, Inc. Product shipments are scheduled for April 2018 to two customer locations in Canada.
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Vista, CA (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --  Flux Power Holdings, Inc., a developer of advanced lithium batteries for industrial applications such as forklifts, announced today that it has secured a 17 unit purchase order for lithium-ion battery packs to power large airport ground support equipment (“GSE”) from the global aviation industry’s largest provider of cargo and aircraft ground handling services. The order was facilitated by Flux’s GSE distribution partner Averest, Inc. Product shipments are scheduled for April 2018 to two customer locations in Canada. Some of the units in the order will be customized for a specific equipment application, and these will be delivered direct to the manufacturer’s site for commissioning, illustrating Flux’s experience working with equipment manufacturers.

In partnership with Averest, Flux developed its 80 volt, 600 amp-hour GSE LiFT Pack in 2016 to provide a better performing and more cost effective power source for electric aviation ground support equipment, with an initial focus on baggage/cargo tractors. Airport GSE represents a natural industrial market extension for Flux, which was able to scale up its flexible platform and battery management system - proven out in its LiFT Pack line for electric forklifts. The far larger scale, power delivery and attractive total cost of ownership of Flux’s GSE solution also proved similar to the technical requirements for large counterbalance forklift equipment (Class 1 forklifts). In both cases, Flux’s lithium-ion solution provides a much needed alternative to the cumbersome, maintenance intensive and heavy lead-acid batteries currently in the market.  A cold weather feature is also available to protect in below zero temperatures.

Averest President, Gabe Sampson, commented, “We are proud of our relationship with Flux and have witnessed first-hand, the performance benefits of lithium batteries for GSE applications. Our customers rave about the reliability and absence of maintenance, and we look forward to building upon our relationship with Flux to serve the needs of our global customer base.”

Since commencing commercial production of GSE packs in February 2017, Flux has sold several initial units to major U.S. Airlines who have piloted the solution with great success. Flux has also developed a special heated GSE pack to meet the punishing demands of cold winter operations in northern climates around the world. Several airlines are currently evaluating their future plans for expanded deployment of Flux’s lithium solutions. Further, with the improved electric storage performance now possible, the GSE industry is looking closely at transitioning additional equipment from diesel to electric power.

Flux CEO, Ron Dutt said, “Gabe Sampson and Averest have been great partners to Flux, supporting our development of a GSE solution and introducing us to multiple airport, airline, and ground service providers.  We are grateful to Averest for facilitating this new order, Flux’s largest GSE order to date.  We are at varying stages of engagement with other GSE customers where similar ordering patterns could also play out over the next year; modest battery pack purchases for piloting, followed by the start of meaningful deployments.”