AMT Reader's Choice Product Pick: PowerPusher E-750 Trailer Mover

Dec. 14, 2023

The PowerPusher E-750 Trailer Mover delivers a 7,500-pound push/pull capacity on tires or casters. That means one person can do the work of three or four, moving small aircraft, wing stands, toolboxes, stairs, engines, generators, ground power units and other equipment.

“The E-750 is a modular machine that provides functionality and value,” said Chase Kvistad, Sales Engineer. “It can easily be fitted with a ball hitch, pintle hitch, combo hitch and even custom attachments.”

The motor is battery-powered 1200W, 24V DC with 125A programmable controller, while the batteries are two 12V Rechargable Group 27 Deep Cycle Marine batteries.

Charging takes place with a built-in three-stage charger that allows charging with any 100V or 240V outlet. Forget to charge the machine? The E-750 can also be maneuvered without power.


“The E-750 features a lockout hub to disengage the wheels from the motor, enabling users to push the machine back to a charging location in instances where someone might forget to charge the machine,” Kvistad explains.

Because the PowerPusher is battery-powered, there is no oil to change, carburetor to clean or exhaust fumes.

With zero emissions and foam-filled, puncture-proof tires with aggressive tread, the E-750 can be used indoors or outside in any weather. Its footprint is 64.5 inches long by 31.5 inches wide by 41 inches high.

Features were designed with user safety and efficiency in mind, Kvistad said, highlighting the E-750’s precision throttle and ergonomic controls, with automatic neutral throttle stopping and automatic parking brake.

“An emergency belly switch halts the machine when needed,” Kvistad continued. “This safety feature on the handle prevents crush injuries in cases where a user may back themselves into a wall or other impediment while continuing to apply throttle. When the bumper on the handle contacts the user, it will reverse the direction of the machine away from them until the bumper releases. At that point, the user must re-cycle the key to continue operating.”

Options for the E-750 include range-extend battery pack, motion beeper and strobe, electric tongue lift, stainless steel build, horn and trailer brake release.

Also available are custom attachments.

Our in-house engineering and fabrication enable us to modify and adapt the E-750 to nearly any application and attachment requirements,” Kvistad said. “Consultation is included with each project to ensure that the E-750 is properly configured for the required use. For those applications where more capacity is needed, we also have larger machines available.”