2018 International Airport GSE Expo Preview

Aug. 8, 2018
Are you planning to attend the world’s largest GSE-only expo this October? Take a look at some of the new equipment that will be on display in Las Vegas.

The 2018 edition of the biennial International Airport GSE Expo is just two months away. The event, which is presented jointly by the International Airport Equipment Manufacturers’ Association (IAEMA) and Ground Support Worldwide magazine, will take place Oct. 2-4 at the Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino is Las Vegas.

The expo has grown by 25 percent since it was last held in 2016, and more than 200 exhibitors will be on hand, meeting with industry decision-makers.

“It’s very exciting to see the growth of this expo after our first successful event in 2016,” show director Sue Ralston says. “Many of our exhibitors have increased their booth size and are planning to bring even more equipment. Additionally, we have more than 70 new exhibiting companies this year.

“We are all looking forward to another stellar show in October.”

As the 2018 GSE Expo approaches, let’s take a look at some of the new equipment that will be on display.

Wilcox Ground Services (Booth 854)

Closed Tire Cart

The Closed Tire Cart from Wilcox Ground Services can carry up to four main tires and four nose tires, brake and jack. Additional features include lightweight, non-slip aluminum ramps; aluminum storage; and rear-mounted crane. The fully enclosed design is suitable for inclement weather regions, providing protection from harsh winds and other elements.

Textron Ground Support Equipment (Booth 819)

Tug Alpha 4

The Tug Alpha 4 represents the newest tractor in the family of Tug Alpha pushbacks, providing a maximum GVW of 120,000 pounds and a maximum drawbar pull capability of 78,000 pounds.

US Mfg. & Design Inc. (Booth 365)

Skydrol 5-Gallon Oil Dispenser

US Mfg. & Design Inc. offers fluid dispensing equipment that protects aircraft systems and parts from destructive moisture and particulate contamination. The Skydrol includes a steel cart; translucent polyethylene container; bolt-on 5-gallon container; double-seal pump head; 15-foot hose; color-coded fluid signage; compatible seals and hoses; and serial number for easy tracking. Quick disconnects are also available.

U.S. Airmotive GSE (Booth 329)

Thermoid Aeroduct High Vis Scuffer Jacket

The Thermoid Aeroduct High Vis Scuffer Jacket, which is supplied by U.S. Airmotive GSE, is designed to protect jet start hoses from the harsh elements of the aerospace and ground support industries all while providing the key safety features necessary to minimize accidents. In addition to high visibility and durability, the product accommodates multiple configurations and optional fittings.

NMC-Wollard (Booth 863)

TC-999 Mongoose Mobile Belt Loader

The Mongoose Mobile Belt Loader from NMC-Wollard provides a fast, economical way to load and unload baggage. The Mongoose extends around corners, stays level with the aircraft and helps boost crew efficiency, and the conveyor’s chassis deflects impacts. It is available in gas, LP, dual fuel, diesel and electric configurations.

Tronair (Booth 616)

11-4920-0000 Combo GPU

Tronair’s latest Tier 4 Final emissions compliant diesel Ground Power Unit is designed to allow simultaneous use of the 400Hz AC system as well as the 28.5V DC system. The Doosan diesel engine has electronic controls for precise control over unit performance and is backed by a three-year engine warranty. A Digital Display and Diagnostics module allows the user to monitor all unit and engine parameters in addition to fault codes. One button operation creates a simple-to-use unit reducing training and maintenance costs.

Averest, Inc. (Booth 808)

Intelligent Maintenance Free Batteries

Averest offers Intelligent Maintenance Free Batteries, both lithium and “Smart” sealed battery technology for eGSE. Intelligent Maintenance Free Batteries eliminate watering, charge more efficiently and last longer.

David Clark Company Inc. (Booth 117)

H9935 Wireless Headset

David Clark’s H9935 Wireless Headset offers a ruggedized design, optimum speech and reception clarity, and 26 dB of noise attenuation. The high-noise wireless headset also provides comfort and reliability.

Global Ground Support, LLC (Booth 833)

Ultimate ONE Deicer

The new Ultimate ONE Deicer from Global Ground Support now utilizes a single engine and a transfer case mounted in the drive line between the automatic transmission and rear axle to run all deicing systems. This development has reduced fuel consumption, reduced maintenance and increased reliability. By eliminating the second engine, there is a 50 percent reduction in the required engine maintenance for both parts and labor. A touchscreen user interface has also been added, which controls all systems including system diagnostics, fluid tank levels, boom controls, blending and single operator.

Power Pusher, Div. of Nu-Star, Inc. (Booth 174)

Power Pusher with Freight Attachment

Nu-Star’s Power Pusher with Freight Attachment improves safety, reduces manpower and increases ground support personnel productivity with less downtime by transporting heavy loads fast and without excess exertion or muscle strain. Enabling a single person to push freight into wide body planes with total control, the electrically powered tug can replace larger material handling equipment.

Freight arms attach to carts and dollies, easily moving loads to and from aircraft; transaxle design delivers stable operation over uneven surfaces; battery powered motor delivers heavy duty 20,000-pound capacity; fully programmable control system with diagnostic features to adjust speed and acceleration/deceleration based on load and environment.

Caster Concepts Inc. (Booth 385)

Drive Caster – Motor Powered Industrial Caster

Drive Caster is designed to make moving materials easier. The motor-driven caster is powered by a 1/4hp or 1/2hp electric motor, and can move up to 5,000 pounds of total weight per caster. By adding another Drive Caster, users can double the weight they are moving.

MSG Production AS (Booth 184)

Multi Solution Gate RS400, RS500

The MSG RS400 and RS500 are semi-automated and enclosed washing and deicing facilities with an integrated system that collects most spent fluids for recycling. The machines are time-efficient and offer cost savings. The RS400 is the company’s base model for washing airplanes, and the RS500 is a scaled model designed to wash, deice and inspect.

Mototok (Booth 404)

Spacer 8600

Mototok’s electrically driven and remote controlled tugs allow a single person to maneuver and pushback aircraft. Rather than requiring a driver’s license, users can operate the Spacer 8600 after 3-4 hours of training. The tugs can pick up nose wheels quickly, using a one-click function. The Spacer 8600 comes with a NTO license for Airbus A320, Boeing 737 and Bombardier CSeries.

Wanco Inc. (Booth 168)

X-Marker L-893

The Wanco X-Marker is an L-893(L) lighted visual aid to indicate temporary runway closure. It warns pilots of closed airport runways and taxiways while protecting maintenance crews working in these areas.

ITW GSE (Booth 725)

7400 eGPU

The zero emissions ITW GSE 7400 eGPU is a battery driven GPU, helping customers take a step towards a cleaner and greener future as it reduces the airport’s CO2 and NOx footprint considerably. The reduced emission also means a healthier work environment for the airport staff. Further, the 7400 eGPU helps the airport lower operational costs.

Ms. Carita, Inc. (Booth 309)

GSE Safety Line of Decals

Ms. Carita offers more than 100 GSE Safety Decals cataloged for easy ordering via web, fax or phone. The company also provides corporate identity and branding graphics.

Safety Systems & Controls (Booth 210)

TEX Telematics

TEX is a fleet management telematics system with vehicle keycard access control and real-time diagnostics monitoring. The system includes a programmable multi-speed limiter for easier obstacle avoidance. It is designed to reduce ground support downtime by mitigating unsafe vehicle operation as well as keeping up with vehicle maintenance to prevent major breakdowns. All events, such as impact, diagnostic warnings, etc., are broadcasted through WiFi or GSM cellphone networks to supervisors.

Taylor-Dunn Manufacturing (Booth 563)

Mid-Range Bigfoot Cab

The Bigfoot Mid-Range Cab provides an economically priced solution for GSE maintenance workers and support staff. With locking metal doors for safety and security, weather-proofing to keep operators dry and sliding glass windows for ventilation, this cab is an optimal solution for a wide variety of applications. The two-passenger mid-range cab is available on gas, electric and EE rated Bigfoot models. Econo, mid-range and deluxe cab options are available.

SpitzLift (Booth 286)

Aluminum Cranes for GSE

SpitzLift Aluminum Cranes are made of aircraft grade aluminum with models ranging in weight between 40–48 pounds and load capacities of 650-900 pounds. Designed and engineered to be safe and ergonomic, the crane’s newest application for GSE is for tire handling. SpitzLift cranes can be added to any GSE, such as a tire cart, to assist with material handling. Additional features include manual or electric, DC or AC; and optional webbing, wire rope, synthetic rope. The cranes meet ASME, OSHA, and CE standards.

Firetrace (Booth 267)

Fire Suppression System

Firetrace’s Dual Action Fire Suppression System works fast by attacking a small fire in two ways simultaneously. The system can address complex hazards such as engine compartments in ground support equipment. For GSE protection Dual Action Features Purple K dry chemical, the preferred agent for aviation systems protection. Dual action is available in multiple sizes to accommodate equipment of all sizes and types, including tugs, deicers, service vehicles, buses, loaders and APUs. Systems can be easily installed on new or existing equipment.

TEST-FUCHS (Booth 140)

Hydraulic Ground Power Unit

The TEST-FUCHS Hydraulic Ground Power Unit offers a sophisticated design with high technical standards. Among its best features are two large oil coolers that allow the unit to be used on an open or closed A/C circuit. The separation of cooling, hydraulics and electrics avoids oil fumes and reduces noise. The machine adjusts automatically according to pressure and flow rate, which guarantees precision. It comes with thermal protection against overheating. The company invites expo attendees to take a closer look at the craftsmanship, ergonomics and user-friendliness of the units.

PRM Newage Axles (Booth 355)

216 Range of Drive and Dead Steer Axles

The 216 Range of Belt Loader Drive and Dead Steer Axles represents the company’s latest expansion of products specifically developed for the GSE market. The 216 Drive Axle has a standard ratio of 14:1 with a limited slip diff and inboard planetary sets enabling stock wheels to be used. The 216 Dead Steer axle uses strong tapered roller trunnion bearings. A double-acting through rod hydraulic steer cylinder is used, giving left and right turns the same bias. The same GM brakes are on the front and rear with all the hub components being common across both axles.

SEI Industries (Booth 257)

BATT (Bulk Aviation Transport Tank)                               

The award-winning BATT offers the unique ability to carry bulk fuel into remote locations and, after being emptied, the collapsible tank can be rolled up so that other cargo can be back-hauled out, allowing a substantial savings in fuel hauling costs. From single Otter aircraft to the much larger Boeing 737, the BATT is available in 20 different sizes with more being developed.

Advanced Charging Technologies (Booth 850)

ACT Quantum GSE Charger                                                 

The ACT Quantum GSE Charger is an industrial battery charger and smart appliance, NEMA 3R outdoor rated and optimized for airport ground support equipment. It is designed with WiFi connectivity for remote monitoring, control and seamless integration with ACT’s automated data management platform. It features conventional, opportunity, and fast charge capabilities all integrated into a single, modular design.

Prism Lighting Services (Booth 127)

PBL Series LED Lights                                                             

The PBL-500 and PBL-900 LED Lights are portable and can light up an area from 5,000-12,000 sq. feet, pulling only 4.5-9 amps. The lights can run off an inverter, generator or regular 110V.

EZ Rig Crane (Booth 164)

Batteries on Board EZ Rig Crane                                        

The Batteries on Board EZ Rig Crane can lift 2,400 pounds to 26 feet or lower, or pull up 13 stories while still rolling through a 3-foot door. The crane now is now able to operate off rechargeable battery power and not require plugging into an 110V power source. The crane is available in two battery options, lead-acid and lithium batteries.

Cobus Industries GmbH (Booth 416)


Taking advantage of the significant strides made in full electric vehicle operations, the e.COBUS is available for all COBUS people-moving bus types, such as COBUS 3000, COBUS 2700 and COBUS 2700-S. Using LTO Lithium Titan Oxide in conjunction with a permanent magnet synchronous motor rated at 160 kW, combined with both on-board and stationary recharging equipment, the e.COBUS offers greater operational availability combined with an even better environment for the passengers. The recharging of the batteries can be achieved in as little as 30 minutes to one hour (depending on charging systems selected), and overnight charging is also available.

Bulmor Airground (Booth 224)


The SideBull is a medical truck co-developed by Lufthansa Leos and Bulmor Airground for ground handling processes. Features include the ability to lower the cabin to the ground; the integration of the driver stand with the passenger cabin; and one-man operation. The machine operates without stabilizers, allowing the operator to approach the aircraft and lift the cabin at the same time.

Additional information about the 2018 International Airport GSE Expo can be found at www.GSEexpo.com.