Johnny Buscema, S.A.F.E. Structure Designs LLC, President/CEO since October 2016

Feb. 28, 2017
S.A.F.E. Structure Designs (Safest Access & Fall protection Equipment) was acquired by Johnny Buscema, the former majority partner and President & CEO of All Metal MS.
In October of last year, S.A.F.E. Structure Designs (Safest Access & Fall protection Equipment), previously a fully woman-owned company specializing in custom aircraft access platforms, fall protection platforms and maintenance support equipment, was acquired by Johnny Buscema, the former majority partner and President & CEO of All Metal MS.Buscema, who accomplished reputable gains with All Metal, brought on a new vision of his own with S.A.F.E. that not only masters and leads the industry with quality, timely production, exceptional customer service, and safety, but S.A.F.E.  now seamlessly services its customers across the USA and is the leader in custom design, engineering, and manufacturing of fall protection equipment and maintenance support equipment that concentrates solely on the ergonomic advantages.  All of those factors together create for its consumers the highest and best quality products that exponentially increase a company’s efficiency and productivity, but more importantly, S.A.F.E.  custom products address and satisfy all safety concerns and health benefits of it's users.Buscema states:One of my greatest passions in life, both personally and in business, is to support people’s needs in areas where others are not willing to or capable of doing.  We work closely with our clients and set up consultations on our dollar to determine each of our clients concerns.  Then with our expert design team, we create custom products for each project specific to each client's needs, and we generate ergonomic solutions for them.  The key to our success is our ability to manufacture the highest quality and most ergonomic products available on the market. This process alone is what our customers valuable the most, and it has been crucial to the success of a company of this magnitude.  In its support of the aviation industry, S.A.F.E.  has quickly earned the trust of such companies as the United States Coast Guard, US Navy, Army National Guard and Columbia Helicopters to name a few, but Buscema is pursuing an expanded vision. S.A.F.E.  has been awarded and already satisfied multiple government contracts for the Ship and Marine Industry, Industrial & Commercial Industry, and Heavy Equipment Industry. Moreover, not only has S.A.F.E.  Structure been awarded multiple contracts to design engineer and manufacture gangway platforms, Ship Brows, Floating paint docks, and Channel Markers, but S.A.F.E.  also continues to welcome its new clients that want custom products specific to the employee's and companies needs. Buscema's final thoughts, "I am so fortunate that Christ has afforded me the vision, skill set, and business know how to successfully assemble and work with our superior group of specialized team members, which allows S.A.F.E.  to meet all of our customers strigent demands. Our future is so bright, and we welcome all challenges that exceed our client’s expectations and allow us to continue to be the best."For more information visit us at & Come see us at HAI 2017 Booth # 1806