Smith & Wesson Safety Glasses Combine Impact Resistance with Style and Comfort

Nov. 19, 2019

With so many activities requiring impact protection, both at work and at home, workers want more than the average pair of safety glasses. They want premium options that offer style, quality and comfort. Smith & Wesson Safety Glasses offer all this and more, protecting people during rugged activities while enabling them to exhibit their individuality both on and off the job.

For the outdoor enthusiast at work or at play, Smith & Wesson Safety Glasses also offer:

  • All-day comfort
  • Edgy, contemporary designs
  • Colorful frames
  • A variety of lens options

While safety glasses are essential, people shouldn’t have to look and feel as if they are wearing eye protection. Smith & Wesson Safety Glasses are designed to fit people’s lifestyles with just the right balance of protection, style and comfort.

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