Attain Precise Drilling without Tethering to an Air Source with 14.4 V MicroLithium Mini Drills

Aug. 17, 2022
Snap-on Industrial
14.4 V MicroLithium Mini Drills
14.4 V MicroLithium Mini Drills

Precision and performance are two critical components aircraft technicians demand from their drilling tools. That is why the aviation industry is now attaining precise drilling, without the need for tethering to an air source, with the new angled-head 14.4 V MicroLithium Mini Drills from Snap-on Industrial.

The 14.4 V MicroLithium Mini Drills are ideal for the aviation industry where small holes are needed, often in hard-to-reach locations. Using a cordless drill with small compact recessed heads give technicians unhindered access, while also removing tripping hazards caused by air hoses in the hangar and around the aircraft.

For added flexibility, the 14.4 V MicroLithium Mini Drills come in three different models: 45° angle head (CDRR200545DB), 90° angle head (CDRR2005DB), and 360° fully rotating head (CDRR2005360DB).

Features and benefits of the new 14.4 V MicroLithium Mini Drills include:

• Small compact head for great access

• Access places a traditional pistol-style drill cannot

• Variable speed trigger for slow start-ups

• Low runout for precise drilling

• 1/4"-28 threaded bits and accessories accepted

• Ability to also run other items such as reams and sealant removal cutters

• Double ball bearing supported spindle shaft for durability

• Spiral beveled gears for durability and smooth operations

• Multiple configurations for great accessibility

• LED light illuminates the work area

• Soft grip handle for positive tool control

• Battery life gauge indicates charge level

Snap-on’s close partnership with aviation stretches back more than 100 years. The company works closely with aviation OEMs, MROs, airlines, military and other aerospace industries to develop tooling solutions solely for their line of work – the new 14.4 V MicroLithium Mini Drills is the latest example of that commitment. More information on Snap-on Industrial’s new 14.4 V MicroLithium Mini Drills can be found at