Sherwin-Williams SKYscapes Application

June 7, 2012
This instructional video demonstrates the entire application process of Sherwin-Williams' new SKYscapes basecoat-clearcoat system for all sizes of aircraft.

The video demonstrates how the modified SKYscapes polyester topcoat is applied using an innovative basecoat-clearcoat process in which all colors are applied as a basecoat.

After the basecoat dries, the entire surface of the aircraft is sprayed with a clearcoat finish. Color coat dry time is approximately two hours, compared to six to 10 hours for other systems. This allows shops to apply numerous colors in a single shift and move the aircraft more quickly through the painting process. The paint delivers consistent viscosity between toners and yields outstanding flow and leveling.

The new paint system offers a longer recoat time of up to 72 hours, which means sanding is not required between coats to reduce time spent on the painting process. Also, this system air dries, leading to an added bonus - natural gas and utility savings throughout the year - that couldn’t be obtained with a process that requires baking.

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