AkzoNobel Aerospace To Showcase ITA Airways’ Chromate-free Metallic Livery at MRO Europe

Oct. 18, 2022
AkzoNobel also previews its 2023 Color of the Year - Wild Wonder.

AkzoNobel Aerospace Coatings will be showcasing the innovative metallic blue coating, with a chromate-free primer, used in ITA Airways’ stunning new livery at MRO Europe in London Oct. 18-20.

The livery consists of a beautiful deep metallic blue overlaid with pearl, stylized icons representing Italy’s artistic heritage, the Italian tricolor used on the fleet’s rudders, and the white and red gold of ITA Airways’ logo. A replica of ITA’s livery coating system will be displayed on AkzoNobel’s exhibition stand.

The base coat-clear coat system included Aerobase Special effects, and Aviox Clearcoat UVR. ITA chose the system because of its high performance and the uniform coverage and appearance, which can be achieved with just one coat.

Edoardo Sorvillo, AkzoNobel sales manager Italy & Poland, says: “The team at ITA approached us looking for a partner to help bring their marketing idea to life. Together we created a stunning livery in the color of the jerseys of the Italian national sporting teams. The beautiful metallic blue honors sporting legends such as Paolo Rossi – hero of the 1982 World Cup – whom the ITA planes are named after. And at AkzoNobel we look forward to a long and continuing partnership of innovation.”

AkzoNobel will also preview its new nature-inspired interior color collection, including the 2023 color of the year – Wild Wonder.

AkzoNobel’s color of the year is the spark of inspiration that ignites a long-term design partnership with industrial coatings customers. On-trend colors, textures and special effects have been designed for the aerospace, automotive, consumer electronics, metal furniture, lighting, cabinetry, flooring, building products and architecture markets.