PPG Introduces Newly Formulated PPG Surface Seal Hydrophobic Coating

July 24, 2020

PPG announces the launch of PPG Surface Seal hydrophobic coating. The newly formulated product is ultra violet (UV) light resistant, compatible with most aerospace cleaning and maintenance fluids and is REACH & EPA compliant.

Made for aerospace transparencies, Surface Seal hydrophobic coating is an industry-leading rain and water shedding coating system designed for glass and anti-static coated glass windshields. This product provides pilots with enhanced visibility during wet conditions, and if used as a replacement for a windshield-wiping system, Surface Seal can improve the fuel efficiency of an aircraft through weight reduction and aerodynamic improvement. Aircraft operators can obtain this cost-effective and efficient visibility enhancement from PPG in one of three ways:

  • Factory-supplied parts with Surface Seal coating for convenience and optimal service life.
  • Standard Surface Seal coating application kits for field application and long service life.
  • Quick Surface Seal coating application kit for fast and easy treatment.

Please visit www.ppgaerospace.com for more information.