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Groundmonitoringsystem 10139568
Painting Equipment & Supplies

Ground monitoring system

Feb. 25, 2010
Ransburg offers the Groound Monitor System to provide a noncontact method for detecting the presence of a ground path on nonmettallic substrates. Improper grounding can cause ...
3mpaintrestorationkit 10139473
Painting Equipment & Supplies

3M paint restoration kit

Aircraft Spruce now carries the 3M paint restoration kit. This is an all inclusive kit for on aircraft detailing. It is not a polish or a wax which will only fill scratches, it...
Rcs2 10699141
Painting Equipment & Supplies

RCS2 Ratio Control System

Nov. 11, 2009
The RCS 2 provides absolute on-ratio gear-driven mixing and metering control. Fast and reliable, the RCS 2 is the ideal choice for applications where short trigger times, quick...
Compactminitouchupspraygun 10139182
Painting Equipment & Supplies

Compact Mini touchup spray gun

Aug. 31, 2009
DeVilbiss offers the Compact MINI touchup gun. The MINI is a gravity spray gun with many practical uses including fine shading, retouching, stenciling, spot repair, and reworking...
Pressurefeedguns 10139012
Hand Tools

Pressure feed guns

Sharpe's line of Razor pressure feed guns and 2.5-gallon pressure feed system is designed to make large painting jobs easier using ergonomically designed tools. Guns provide superior...