Super T Aviation Trusts in Alsim with Second Training Device

Jan. 17, 2019

ALSIM announced the sale of an ALX simulator to Super T Aviation, a flight school in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada. This is Super T’s second Alsim simulator after purchasing an AL200, which has been in operation since 2014.

Super T’s ALX will feature the single and multi-engine piston configurations, as well as the light turboprop close to a King Air 200. The dual pilot device will also feature Alsim GPS and a flight management system (FMS) allowing students to train in the management of modern avionics, as well as how to work as a crew. The ALX supplies a complete training cycle where ab initio students with zero hours will be trained to the level of airline type rating standards.

“Super T Aviation Academy is delighted to announce that we’ll soon be offering advanced simulator training with the new ALX by Alsim. We will be utilizing the ALX primarily for advanced flight training, particularly for our Integrated Professional Pilot Program. This simulator, along with our King Air 200 aircraft, will enable us to offer King Air 200 type ratings and provide a realistic multi-crew training environment. We are thrilled to add another Alsim simulator to our academy and are assured that the ALX will be an asset for advanced flight training,” says Terri Super, CEO of Super T Aviation Academy.

Dr. Scott Firsing from Alsim’s North America office adds, “we are thrilled to see another highly respected Canadian flight training provider like Super T return to Alsim to help fulfill their training needs. The Super T team and their students will be blown away by the immersion of the globally best-selling ALX. With over 75 now installed worldwide, the simulator provides a superior commercial training experience.”